Review and Evaluation of the Global International Order

Term Paper, 2018

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Simon Valentin (Author)

Abstract or Introduction

Among practitioners and scientific observers, it is widely believed that the global international order is in dire straits (Duncombe & Dunne 2018; Alexandroff 2017). There is much to suggest that the old, Western-dominated world order ended in the last years at the latest and will be replaced by a, in the words of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, "post-West world order” (Stent 2018) whose contours are still too indeterminate to be able to characterize them unambiguously. Against this background, I pursue three main objectives in this review: In the second chapter, following the introduction, I will reflect on what is understood as global international order and why we need to look at it. The third chapter will give an overview of the old order and its development. Chapter four sketches trajectories of a newly emerging order with the help of two observable trends. In the fifth chapter I will finally focus on the impacts of the described changes in the world order on the process of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals from the Agenda 2030.


Review and Evaluation of the Global International Order
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review, evaluation, global, international, order
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Simon Valentin (Author), 2018, Review and Evaluation of the Global International Order, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Review and Evaluation of the Global International Order

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