Human Resource Management & Organisational Success

Essay, 2018

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Human Resource Management ( HRM) is the process of finding, keeping and developing the right people to work at the qualified workforce. It is one of the most difficult and important tasks for all management. It focuses on people dimension in management. Despite every organization is created with people, requiring its services, developing their skills and talents, motivating people to achieve higher level of performance in order to continue to main their commitment to accomplish organizational goals and performance. HRM, therefore, is largely important to practice and essential to main proper personal or human resource planning, recruitment and selection, as well as training and development, employee motivation, performance appraisal, and remuneration will assist the company to achieve its business success (Rudman, 2013).

This essay will first explain the important role of human resource management practice and policies for organization. Then, analyze how HRM lead to improve organizational performance by undertaking the four main functions of HR assessments: Strategic HR planning, recruitment and selection, performance management, and remuneration. Finally I will give an explanation of how HRM real impacts on organizational success.


Human Resource Management & Organisational Success
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Daniel Za (Author), 2018, Human Resource Management & Organisational Success, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Human Resource Management & Organisational Success

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