Simulation Analysis Using Matlab

Habilitationsschrift, 2019
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This book is about data analysis on profile data captured from the profile run of a cyber-intelligence simulation program called cyberintell. Profile run is about running a state-based task or process switch in a procedure with arguments at run-time. The program on execution takes the state-based task with its arguments and automatically switches to the exact process to execute. The profile module of C/C++ is used in the scripting language, Python. This book considers about 13 tasks of the state-based processes in the simulation of the cyber-intelligence program. A randomized and structured inputs are used to automate the process of simulation without interruption in modeling the profile statistics. The un-interruption string model used in the approach of simulation is based on randomized inputs-made up of integers or strings. The randomized integers are programmed in the simulation program to select or sub select other program paths to be able to cover all the tasks of each state-based process.This is a field of simulation subject. The profile module has a stimulate procedure in C/C++,that means profiling is as stimulating but stimulating is as profile running. Generally,stimulating is a call on the profile module to run a procedure with a specific state-based task in mind. A profile call is made up of a specific procedure name, here a computer definition in Python language, then a string concatenation of state-based task argument and a comma-separated data input list from the shell or command line.The main program is where the profile module is called. The main computer definition is commented because the profile module creates its own main without joining the main definition running thread. A sampling time called pro-time is initialized on a randomized choice between three different methods namely sampling random range, ranging random value and a fixed value. The code of the main process of the program execution is shown in the Introduction section


Simulation Analysis Using Matlab
King`s College London
Simulation Analysis
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analysis, technical computing, simulation
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Professor (Prof.[E.D.], PGCerts, MSc) Frank Appiah (Autor), 2019, Simulation Analysis Using Matlab, München, GRIN Verlag,


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Titel: Simulation Analysis Using Matlab

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