Intel Edison Kit and IOT based Smart Health Monitoring System

Health Monitoring using latest technology

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Globalization around the world has led to the number of spontaneous technologies. The most popular is IOT. This is also called as artificial intelligence. Aim of this work is to design and develop a system which performs the tasks of measurement of vital parameters such as temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. The measured values are continuously updated on thingspeak server using Wi-Fi module and in case of abnormalities the information is conveyed to the concerned doctor through SMS using GSM module. An alert call is also initiated to the doctor after a couple of minutes. The system also has an inbuilt pill tracker unit which alerts the patient at right time to take the prescribed tablet it also warns the patient in case of wrong tablet selection. Simultaneously the message regarding wrong tablet selection is sent to the caretaker. The system is also programmed to measure and categorize the nature of blood pressure. The performance of the system with respect to the measurement of blood pressure, heart rate and temperature is evaluated under the supervision of a qualified physician, the readings recorded by the system are compared with the observations recorded by the physician using conventional methods. The application of the system as pill tracker is studied by considering a patient with multiple ailments.

Keywords— GSM, Health monitoring system, Server,Intel Edison, Wi-Fi ;


Ongoing years have seen a rising enthusiasm for wearable sensors and these days numerous gadgets are financially available for private social insurance, wellness, and activity awareness. Health watching systems area unit gaining their significance as the aggressive universal old population will increase demands for caretaking. Advances in pc and communication technologies offer electronic attention a good opportunity to style observance. Improving the health monitoring systems and medicine systems is one among the foremost difficult goals of contemporary society. In fact, the requirement of delivering quality care to patients whereas reducing the attention prices and, at a similar time, grappling the nursing employee’s shortage downside could be a primary issue. As some people cannot afford the care takers to the parents and also some cannot take the risk of placing their parent’s health on someone’s hand. So in such situations IOT plays an important role. The Internet of things (IoT) is Associate in Nursing rising worldview for remote property and gadget sub-frameworks. It permits wearable devices to interchange (send and receive) knowledge directly with corresponding web-based services for immediate action (in case of emergency), analysis or storage for later use. In this project we are monitoring the health of people by helping them to take the proper tablet at current time, along with these features continuous monitoring of temperature, blood pressure, and heart beat. Maintaining all the details in the server with the help of Wi-Fi for ease of accessing the information. If the patient is taking the wrong pill or any abnormalities occurred in patient’s health then the device will alert him/her by sending SMS to their respective care takers and doctors respectively, through the GSM technology so that they get notify when patient is going to consume the wrong tablet. The IOT based mostly remote watching system is ascendible in terms of devices and practicality. Web of Things (IoT) has recently received a good attention because of its potential and capability to be integrated into any advanced system.

A. Motivation

As some people can’t afford the care takers to their parents and also some can’t take the risk of placing their parent’s health on someone’s hand, in such situations IOT provides a way to this problem. And in today’s environment aged people suffer from many problems so as they have to take different kinds of tablets at different time. Their ambiguity gets increased with the number of tablets. And also sometimes they may forget to take the tablet at prescribed time. It is also important to continuously monitor their health in terms of temperature, blood pressure and heart beat. So in such situations IOT plays an important role with this system.

B. Objectives

The main aim of proposed work is to design and develop a smart health monitoring system with following

B Objectives

1. To develop a system that monitors the vital health parameters like blood pressure, temperature and heart rate.
2. Awaking the patient on exact time to take the prescribed tablet.
3. Alerting the patient on selecting the wrong tablet.
4. Notifying the care takers through SMS about each tablet intake by patient.
5. Alerting the concerned doctor when abnormal values occurred. Placing a call to the doctor after a couple of minutes.
6. Storing the monitored data on Thingspeak server. This eases the task of health monitoring and required information is conveyed to the doctor and the caretaker.

The rest of the paper is organized as follows. In section II, a literature survey has been proposed. System architecture overview is represented in section III. Section IV comprises the system methodology and in section V results are discussed. Section VI consists of novelty. Section VII and section VIII are dealt with conclusion and acknowledgement.


This section gives knowledge about the structure of the proposed framework. The entire system is consists of two modules one is for the monitoring of vital health parameters and another one is tracker of proper pill selection. Accumulation of every tangible data that are identified with the checked people and also keep track on their selection for consumption of tablets, and then to store, process and present the came about data of this phase to the concerned one that are following the instance of the monitoring individual. Each module is composed of three parts i.e. sensor part, controller part, server or

Mobile phone part. Sensor part is for sensing and analyzing the data from the human body. Controller will collect and process the data from sensor and stored it into its flash memory. Server and mobile phone are receiving the data from the controller using Wi-Fi and GSM module respectively.

The Fig.1 represents the block diagram of health monitoring system. In this the body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure is sensed by the sensor and sends the data to micro controller where the data is processed and stored. Whenever the micro controller encounters the abnormal values of any parameter it alerts the doctor by sending SMS and if the doctor didn’t respond within 15

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Fig. 1. Block diagram of health monitoring system.

For the wireless communication Wi-Fi module is used, for sending the data from micro controller to the thingspeak server where the parameters get monitored continuously. For each parameter there is separate field in thingspeak. Field 1 represents the temperature data, Field 1 represents the Heart rate data and field 3 represents the blood pressure data. Each parameter can be monitored individually in separate fields.

The Fig.2 represents the tracker for proper pill consumption. System is programmed such that it starts alarming on particular time, reminding the patient about tablet.

Whenever micro controller encounters patient’s wrong move on taking the wrong tablet it suddenly alerts the patient by a voice message. An alert SMS is also sent to the care taker on each tablet timing of patient to keep them aware. This communication is done by using the GSM module. RTC is used to set the alarm for particular tablet timings.

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The proposed framework describes about respective hardware and software requirements and their working.

Hardware design includes all the general components of embedded system as discussed below:

A. Embedded Microcontroller

It is the most important part of this system. It controls all the subsystems connected to it like sensors, Wi-Fi and GSM module, LCD display unit etc. The controller chosen for this is arduino UNO. It handles each activity by executing the program stored in its flash memory. As mentioned in entire system we have two modules and each uses the particular micro controller. Arduino UNO is 8 bit micro controller. In order to minimize the manual operation and with concern of the processing speed UNO is best suited.

B. Heart Rate Sensor

Pulse sensor measures the heart rate optically, amplifies the signal. Transmittance and reflectance are two methods used for measuring heart rate. In transmittance technique, when light from the source needs to be hit the tissues. But this will be a problem in case of disjoint in finger bone, as light cannot pass through it. Hence we have adopted reflectance technique which is illustrated in Fig. 3. In this technique, light source strikes blood tissue and returns back. Heart rate is estimated from the return light signal [9].

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Fig. 3.Finger Photoplethysmography

The basic heartbeat sensors mainly consist of a light emitting diode and a detector which acts as a light detecting resistor or a photodiode. The heart beat pulses causes a variation in the flow of blood to different regions of the body. When a tissue is illuminated with the light source, i.e. light emitted by the led, it get reflects. Some of the light is absorbed by the blood and the transmitted or the reflected light is received by the light detector. The detector output is in from of electrical signal and is proportional to the heart beat rate.

C. Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor used for this system is LM35. This is a digital sensor suitable for temperature range - 55C to 150C. It is mounted on the human body and it produces the voltage which is proportional to the Celsius temperature It measures the temperature more accurately than thermistor.

D. Blood Pressure

The BP Unit comprises of microcontroller, pressure transducer, cuff, motor and signal conditioning and ADC circuit for conversions. At the point when the user presses the on/off, microcontroller sends a control flag which turns on the engine. The engine directs air into sleeve. The weight transducer creates two yield signals with a period hole of 20ms. The primary yield flag compares to systolic value and second one relates to diastolic value. These two voltage levels are changed to their digital equivalents and afterward bolstered to the microcontroller. The microcontroller contrasts these qualities and those put away query table, get the coordinated systolic and diastolic values and shows on LCD. A similar data is additionally influenced accessible on to the thingspeak server.

E. GSM Module

To get alert notification/message about the wrong move of patient on taking the improper pill and for alerting the doctors whenever the abnormalities occurs in patient’s health, GSM module is used. It needs a SIM card and connectivity to the GSM network.

F. ESP8266

The ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module is a SOC with incorporated TCP/IP convention stack that can provide any small scale controller access to Wi-Fi. ESP8266 collects the data from microcontroller and sent it to the thingspeak server using the write key. Client can gain access to the data of vital health parameters on the server of thingspeak.

In software design the program is written in C using the Arduino IDE. System will turn ON from RESET whenever the power is applied. The controller executes the program and performs the task as shown in flow charts.

G. Flow Charts

Flow charts are used in analyzing, designing, program in various fields. This section illustrates the flow charts of health monitoring system and tracker of proper pill consumption in fig.4 and fig.5 respectively.

1. Flowchart for working of health monitoring system

Step 1: Initializes the micro controller and sensor configuration.

Step 2: Sets baud rate and enables the interrupt system.

Step 3: Initialize the LCD display.

Step 4: Start monitoring of health parameters and sending these values to the IOT Thingspeak server.

Step 5: Compares the values with the internal set values.

Step 6: If any of the parameters are abnormal then sends the message.

2. Flowchart of tracker for proper pill consumption.

Step 1: Initialize the microcontroller and sensor and configuration port.

Step 2: Sets baud rate and enables the interrupt system.

Step 3: Initialize the RTC.

Step 4: Check the time setup done by the user and if error free then start alarming to awake the patient for reminding to take tablet. Step 5: If patient touches the wrong sensor, a voice alert with a notification message will be sent.

Validation of results

The validation of results is done by measuring the vital parameters of the patients of varied aged group under the supervision of qualified physician using the proposed model. The readings obtained are compared with those obtained using physicians model and the standard deviation and percentage error are calculated.

Table 1 shows the readings obtained from Heart rate measurement. The standard deviations of Heart rate for the proposed system and physician model respectively are 9.51 and 9.30. Standard deviation is calculated using the equation (1) and the error percentage is ±2.25% which is calculated using equation (2) and it is in the tolerable Fig.4. Flow chart of health monitoring system. limit.

Graphical representation of proposed system and The calculation shows that the error is within the physician values of heart rate using standard deviation is acceptable limits. This is illustrated in tables 1,2,3 and 4. shown in Fig 6.

Table 1. Heart rate measurements.

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Fig.5. Flow chart of proper pill tracker.


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Health Monitoring using latest technology
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