Service Management at EasyJet. An evaluation of process, humans aspects and managing resource capacity

Essay, 2019

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Table of Content

1. Introduction

2. Process
Processes at EasyJet
Limitations of Processes

3. Human Aspects
Purpose of Human Aspects
Human Aspects at EasyJet
Limitation of EasyJet Human Aspect

4. Managing Resource Capacity
Purpose of Managing Resource Capacity
Managing Resource Capacity at EasyJet
Limitation of Managing Resource Capacity at EasyJet

5. Conclusion


1. Introduction

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou in 1995 founded EasyJet with the vision of the creation of a customer-centric brand that would change the air travel concept. Luton Airport is EasyJet headquarters. There are more than 500 routes and 129 airports that EasyJet serves in West Asia, North Africa, and Europe. After the market leader Ryanair, EasyJet is the challenger in the European airline industry low-cost travel. As low-cost Corporation EasyJet distinguished it from traditional airlines by its low-fares. EasyJet maintains low costs through elimination of unnecessary expenses and frills. Cost reduction is a strategy for reaching many clients as possible.

2. Process

EasyJet is perceived as a low-budget provider of “no frills air travel”; offering decent quality service with prices that are competitive with features such as ticketless travels, web booking and assisted travel administrations. EasyJet has a decent reputation for clients. For example, in the UK, easyJet is perceived as the leading brand in the UK travel industry with a strong brand reputation. Evidence demonstrates that EasyJet Consistency and dependability stands at 93% of flights arriving within 30 minutes of anticipated times; easyJet works a quick and effective service (Bruhn & Georgi, 2006, p.20).

Purpose of processes

Consumer loyalty is critical because it furnishes the proprietors of business with the estimation of ways that are utilized for the enhancement of organizations (Shen et al. 2002, p.24). Client maintenance is remarkably less expensive than the procurement of new clients (Hill et al. 2000, p.12). The estimation of consumer loyalty helps in advising the projects to proceed with consumer loyalty. For persistent enhancements and ideal execution, consumer loyalty (CSAT) studies are fundamental to EasyJet program (Weaver, 2014, p.1). . Post-flight solicitations are passed out to clients to take an interest in the CSAT overview. Execution from booking to landing is assessed from client audits through this online review. Be that as it may, an ultimate objective of the outline is to decide the fulfillment the client has gotten from experience; they are at stake of suggestion of easyJet to other individuals and regardless of whether they will fly again with easyJet. A previous couple of years, be that as it may, the center has moved more to the spots of most consumer loyalty; on time execution and the boarding procedure (Harvey et al. 2006, p.15).

Processes at EasyJet

Booking Service

Telephone services were initially used for bookings, but EasyJet adopted the online booking process to adapt to the changing dynamics of the market. Travel agents selling EasyJet booking don’t have incentives since the commission isn’t given which is low-cost carriers’ standard practice. EasyJet has since initiated a website for direct reservations (Jones, 2007, p.31).

Cabin and Onboard Services

The layout of the cabin of EasyJet is structured as single-class and high density. Airbus A319 carries 156 passengers, and A320 carries 180 travelers who are the primary EasyJet fleet. There aren’t complimentary foods or beverages offered on board in EasyJet flights. Onboard passengers buy food form the EasyJet Bistro. Headphones, eyeshades, and travel pillows are viable for purchase subject to stock availability for onboard passengers. Inflight magazines that are published monthly are available to travelers to read on travel destinations guides (Yip, 2004, p.10).

Quality Control

EasyJet delivers quality by responding to flexibility in diverse client types and conduct. EasyJet achieves high-efficiency levels through efficiency by delivery the right service to clients while also being cost-effective.

Putting Flexibility ahead of Efficiency

Irrespective of a company's service proposition, customers always expect high levels of customer service. Even services that are automated require having a standby person to offer assistance if needed. The no-frills technique adopted by EasyJet has made EasyJet operate on low-cost and increased its brand reputation (Gilbert et al. 2001, p.12).

Delivering Good Service Online and Off

Many customers currently prefer online purchase due to flexibility, speed, and a variety of choice. This has resulted in organizations like EasyJet adding more information in their website to fuel their client's thirst for knowledge. However, this knowledge thirst leads to an increase in complex questions. This had led to the need for having robust online support and traditional offline support for customers who prefer it. EasyJet ensures that their offline support matches the encounter of the online support for customers by providing a customer experience that's consistent and matches the brand and propositions. To convey a steady and lucid message to the client, easyJet makes a stride back and maps the client venture, setting aside an opportunity to consider "what if" situations (Forges et al. 2010, p.230).

Bringing all EasyJet Objectives into line

Aligning the business objectives and customer experience is critical in ensuring that the customer expectations are met. EasyJet aims to deliver a positive client encounter by putting the client first. The promotions and process that EasyJet organized is always customer oriented.

Quality Assurance

The security of travelers and individuals is a high need. EasyJet utilizes a security group that attempts to diminish vulnerability from security-related dangers. The group participates intimately with government and regulatory agencies all through the system to guarantee strict consistency with security controls. Security chance appraisals are directed for every air terminal and nation to which the carrier flies.

The most astounding models of vigilance are kept up in regards to the current geopolitical circumstance inside those nations to illuminate these evaluations (Buttle et al. 2002, p.218). EasyJet actualizes measures to shield the Organization from corporate and flight security dangers, guaranteeing inward administration of business touchy and individual information, staff checking and resource insurance. Security mindfulness is driven through the company to ensure the security group can convey a compelling and proficient support administration to easyJet's customers.

Limitations of Processes

There is a no frill service (additional charge for registration baggage, sustenance and drink, insurance, and so forth.). Moreover, there is no business class in easyJet's planes, so it prohibits some business explorers worried about their solace.

3. Human Aspects

Clients lie at the core of the business. The conveyance of high customer administration relies upon persuaded, associated individuals. Just as setting security as the most astounding need and continuously look to enhance client administration.

Purpose of Human Aspects

Teamwork is a crucial element in business success. Using teams makes the business generate quick solutions to challenges. Permanent enhancements in business operations and process are provided by teams. While working in teams, individuals are at ease of raising problems as they happen and getting help from more experience workers in finding solutions (Harvey et al. 2006, p.56). Collaboration advances an increasingly orderly hierarchical structure that decreases the interest for costly authority positions. In a collaboration situation, colleagues frequently lead and oversee themselves, and a solitary manager might almost certainly drive a few groups more successfully than a bunch of people. Since hierarchical pioneers frequently direction a higher pay than individual givers, this structure can liken to an impressive cost reserve funds for an association that depends on collaboration.


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