A Contextual Study of Ross Donlon's Poetry

Academic Paper, 2014
71 Pages, Grade: 9.00

Abstract or Introduction

The present work focuses on a contextual study of Ross Donlon’s poetry. His poems not only excel in themes but also in the techniques. His poems are not overly knowing and sophisticated, over- intelligent, ironic or sardonic and hidden below a journalistic impersonal mind, but centre on the power of true feelings and try as best as is possible to name them.

Chapter I, “Introduction” traces the trends and patterns of recent Australian poetry. Here an attempt has been made to review the works of established poetic geniuses as well as that of the emerging talents, to observe the literary trends and traits in contemporary Australian poetry. It introduces the characteristic features of Ross Donlon’s poetry vis-a-vis the pastoral poetry and performance poetry.

Chapter II, “Poetics of Ross Donlon” deals with the contents and themes of Donlon’s poetry. We come to know of his preferences for poetry. The chapter focuses on the themes of his poetry.

Chapter III, “Reminiscences of Childhood” shows the use of memory element in his poetry. The poems have been dealt in the light of his memories of childhood. We come across his childhood experiences in this chapter.

Chapter IV, “Personal Relationships” focuses on the familial relationships and love relationship as well. Donlon defines relationship as a medium of establishing an identity.

Chapter V, “Textural Features of Ross Donlon’s poetry” studies the technical aspects of Donlon’s poetry. Most of his poems are, what has been called ‘found poems’ and ‘discontinuous narrative’ as far as familial relationship is concerned.

Chapter VI, “Conclusion” figures out Donlon as a good poet though not recognized yet. As a current Australian poet he too is international in outlook just as he seems to be imaginatively vital and exquisitely lyrical.

The study attempts to highlight the current poetry scene in Australia and the significance of a potent poet Ross Donlon who continues to be active with a reasonably good media presence in his own country as well as on the internet. The poet demonstrates a potential for wider recognition in the days to come.


A Contextual Study of Ross Donlon's Poetry
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Simon Kisku (Author), 2014, A Contextual Study of Ross Donlon's Poetry, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/503736


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Title: A Contextual Study of Ross Donlon's Poetry

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