Eat Fit. Business Plan for a Fitness Restaurant in Stuttgart City

Term Paper, 2017

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Adam Liskar (Author)


Table of contents

1.Executive Summary

2. „Eat-Fit" Description

3.The 9 Building blocks of a Business Model
3.1 Customer Segments
3.2 Value Propositions
3.3 Channels
3.5 Revenue Streams
3.6 Key Resources
3.7 Key Activities
3.8 Key Partnership
3.9 Cost Structure

4.Competitive analysis

5.Marketing Plan
5.1 Promotion
5.2 Product
5.3 Price
5.4 Place

6.Financial Plan for 5 years


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Declaration of Authorship

1.Executive Summary

The fitness industry has enjoyed a strong reputation by many people for quite some time, and because of this the interest in healthy eating has grown. However nowadays, many health-conscious people are unable to visit certain restaurants due to their food preparation not being focused on the nutritional content of the food. "Eat- fit" is the concept to of building a restaurant that is established as a service quality leader of high-quality and nutrient-rich food especially for sportsmen, gym goers and nutritionally conscious people in gastronomy. The opening of such a restaurant in today's competitive situation is a business idea whose success can be justified by differentiating the offer in the catering industry.

In the concept of Eat-fit The USP (unique selling proposition) clearly refers to the offer for the primary target group, sportsmen and nutritionally conscious people. Their loyalty to our restaurant as repeat customers is the top priority. Through this approach, the restaurant has a clear competitive advantage that is reflected in this unique service and offer for those affected. The restaurant is run in the legal form of a GBR. Low form requirements and the corresponding design friendliness are the main advantages of this legal form, which make it possible to make adjustments and changes afterwards.

With the provision of 30,000 euros in equity in the company, in the first year 2018 a further demand of 60,000 euros is left, which is to be covered by a loan. When searching for a suitable location, the city of Stuttgart is a choice that fully meets the requirements for such a restaurant. It has the highest population density in the region and is one of the major cities of Germany and is popular with tourists. The restaurant should be close to at least one gym, and also centrally located in the city centre.

The first fitness restaurant in Stuttgart can be expected to be an emerging competition. The marketing strategies for the Eat-fit are derived from results of competitive analyses. Due to the high competition in the gastronomy sector and the initial unfamiliarity, the market penetration in the introductory phase is to be carried out on the basis of the strategy of fast market exhaustion. One of the main tasks of the company is the formation of a trust relationship with the targeted customer base. Nutritionally conscious people as well as athletes should be able to rely fully on service and quality and not doubt our healthy offering. For this reason, a high level of competence must be taught in the restaurant. The competence is strengthened by serious occurrence, public relations work and ideally by a cooperation with a well- known fitness studio. In a long-term entrepreneurial success, there is the prospect of taking a pioneering position in this gap in the market and enjoying a prestigious reputation with the public.

2. „Eat-Fit" Description

A healthy lifestyle and physical fitness have been a strong focus of our society for several years. Among the most popular leisure activities besides sports, cinema visits and shopping, there are also restaurant visits. Its purpose is not only food consumption, but rather the provision of a pleasant ambience for your own well- being, combined with good service.

The opening of a further eatery is not a revolutionary business idea with a chance of success in the current competitive situation itself. This concept is about differentiating oneself in gastronomy and placing oneself in a market niche.

In recent years, the topic of fitness and healthy eating has become the focus of everyday life. But most people are often unable to reconcile sports and their everyday work. Sport also includes a healthy and conscious diet in order to stay fit and healthy in the long term. Many people have little time to cook a healthy and vitamin-rich meal during their lunch break or in their leisure hours and therefore resort to simple fast food.

Out of a growing demand, the Eat-fit sports-savvy people offer a healthy and individual restaurant visit, in order to fill the supply vacuum in the gastronomy at the same time. The aim here is to build a restaurant that works as a service quality leader of high quality food for everyone but particularly for sports minded people in the gastronomy.

The restaurant Eat-fit offers its customers pure indulgence through a refined interplay of fresh, healthy and nutrient-rich foods in a stylish ambience. Due to its favourable location in the city centre of Stuttgart with excellent transport connections, the clientele is to be contacted as far as possible. People who are very much occupied by their daily work, go to the gym in their lunch break to meet their training. Since more and more gyms have been opened in the centre of the city in recent years, the restaurant is ideally located. So many fitness visitors can visit the "eat-fit" before or after their training as well as after their work in order to consume the necessary food with the necessary nutrients. Operating hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 15:00 a.m. and from 18:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m., which thus display a two-shift operation with a split sales frequency.

An operational day of rest is provided on Sundays, as many fitness conscious people usually have time on weekends to cook themselves healthily and consciously. On Mondays the Eat-fit does not open until 10:00 pm, as many people still have food from the weekend and usually eat it at work. This later opening time is also accommodating for the coordination, meetings and organization of the employees and facilitates the planning of the next week.

The company's mission statement is characterized by friendliness, cordiality and competence of all employees and by the exceptional quality at every level. Fresh food is processed seasonally and is prepared with attention to detail for the customers. For this reason, it is very important that the product range is rigorously controlled. The company's goal is to promote a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

All available dishes of the Eat-fit restaurant are homemade and free of preservatives, flavour enhancers or similar. The food is prepared with care so that you do not have additional and avoidable calories.

The menu consists of various food bases that can be combined.

For example, the most important carbohydrates include (MensHealth, website):

- rice, whole grain rice
- Noodles, whole grain noodles
- Potato Dishes
- Chickpea, beans, maize

There is also a wide range of different types of meat, such as pork, turkey, chicken, beef and fish with variable preparations and different fat content on request.

For the vegetarian and vegan visitors, who do not refer to their protein source from meat products, we offer a variety of alternatives. Through an innovative ordering system, each guest can assemble his plate from the specified foodstuffs. For this purpose, a tablet is located at each table, which allows an individual composition of the customer's wishes. Alternatively, an order is also possible with a member of staff. This helps the customers who have opted for a healthy diet but are still inexperienced in the selection of their food. At least one employee of the day or evening shift is trained in the nutritional field and can provide assistance to customers and colleagues.

In order to include important micro-nutrients, a vegetable platter or a mixed athlete's salad can be ordered in addition to each dish for a small surcharge. The beverage menu is designed from still or carbonated water to zero soft drinks and various direct juices, mostly simple. Hot drinks such as tea, coffee etc. are also available. In the middle of the restaurant there is also a snack bar where you can order healthy fruit desserts, nuts and protein shakes. The wide range of healthy food offers our guests a special service. The offer in this form is unique in this region and thus represents a special added value for the guests. So the restaurant Eat-fit is only conditionally comparable with other restaurants in the area.

3.The 9 Building blocks of a Business Model

3.1 Customer Segments

In a fully-utilized restaurant, food-conscious people often refrain from expressing changes to the food in order to avoid further complications and delays. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a suitable meal in a circle of friends or family in a beautiful restaurant. The actual target group of the Eat-fit are athletes, as the company is strongly focused on the preparation of nutrient-rich foods. Likewise, non-athletes can also take advantage of the offer. In addition, there is no age limit. The restaurant is the right place for people who want to get a diet or build muscle mass as well as for average nutritionally conscious people.

If success is to be achieved, possible competition cannot be ruled out, since the subject-specific performance of the courts is in principle capable of imitating each restaurant of the same quality level. However, the position as a pioneer in this segment can be used to establish a lead in experience. Successful work is a pioneer in this area of the market and enjoys a renowned reputation among its guests. This acquired reputation among the target group relies on trust and presents the "eat-fit" restaurant as a brand preference and promotes customer loyalty.

3.2 Value Propositions

In almost every restaurant the menu selection for athletes is extremely limited. Most restaurants offer the traditional athlete salad on their menu, which is often not saturated and is no longer fit for fitness with a lot of dressing and accessories. At Eat-fit the whole menu is designed to ensure that every athlete gets what he wants. Due to the various food requirements such as various carbohydrates, meats and vegetables, customers can create their own plates by means of a digital ordering service. This innovative system enables the different requirements and wishes of the customers to be accommodated.

The high density of restaurants in the same sector considerably exacerbates competition and it is hardly possible to differentiate themselves from the competition. Therefore, it is essential for Eat-fit , to be limited to a unique sales advantage that allows to implement specific profiling.


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