The Concept of Community and Sense of Belonging

Essay, 2019

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Abstract or Introduction

Past studies have indicated that community cultivates a sense of belonging, shared interests and identity. Several sociological analyses highlighted that community may not have a single definition but revolves the ideas of socialization, mutualism and collective existence. This paper examines that meaning of community and sense of belonging with different contexts. The author begins by defining community according to various theories and studies, then links the definitions to the concept of "sense of belonging".

Community is one of the most important components of a broader society. As human beings advance and new civilizations emerge, the definition of community concept has also evolved. Traditionally, community was defined as a socially cohesive group of people who interacts with each other or organise themselves around shared values, goals or geographical area. However, in the contemporary world, the definition of community has surpassed physical boundaries and now encompasses the interrelationships of people across the world.

Concept of community varies depending on many factors or circumstances within the contemporary world. For example, the concept of community has been community used to distinguish segregated groups of people from others, for example black minority community, Aboriginal communities, and homeless communities. From this perspective, members of a specific community may share elements such as race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic disadvantages. Consequently, community can be described as a sociological construct characterised by a specific manner of human behaviours, set of relationships and meanings and expectations from the members.


The Concept of Community and Sense of Belonging
Kenyatta University
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Difrine Madara (Author), 2019, The Concept of Community and Sense of Belonging, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: The Concept of Community and Sense of Belonging

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