Home Security Systems. Intrusion Detection with GSM

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Summary of the components

The Infrared Sensor
The Infrared Transmitter
The Infrared Receiver
The Functionality of the GSM module
The final Design
The Strengths of the system




In the current era of modern technology, the issue of home security is paramount as the burglars advanced their intrusion techniques using various applications of cutting-edge technology. The need to secure our homes arises due to due to the need to protect various important documents, property, and life. This has necessitated the development of intelligent systems that are implemented through application-based technologies to automate home security systems. The Idea of Intelligent homes is based on digital systems such as wireless technologies that are fitted with Artificial Intelligence Systems to perform certain predetermined tasks. The AI systems provide the homeowners with real-time feedback and are able to respond accordingly to various security concerns. The advancement in technology has been responsible for the development of digital home security applications allow for real-time communication and emergency response by monitoring factors such as temperature and home lighting. The automated home security systems additionally secure homes by integrating the automated user-authentication software that prevents break-ins and track illegal intrusions within and around the home.

There various advanced intelligent home security applications operating in with different systems. However, this report focuses on an effective, practical, and economically efficient GSM module integrated with IR sensors. This system is designed to detect intrusions and respond through alarm systems that restrict entry by activating various lock mechanisms to secure the premises. The system functionality of this embedded home security application is integrated with facial recognition software and Artificial Intelligence technology such as voice detection and motion sensors. The functionality of this system is easy to understand thus the users do not require advanced knowledge and skills in Information Technology. The system is user-friendly in terms of power consumption, maintenance, optimization, and allows for device interoperability.

The Relevant Background

The proposed home security system integrates various components and subsystems of the IR sensors into a specially designed GSM module to come up with a functional single automated architecture that functions effectively in a wide range of intelligent home environments (Isa and Sklavos, 2017). The figure below illustrates the architecture diagram of the home security system with the design set up and connectivity of its various modules.

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Summary of the components

AT89S52 Microcontroller

This is a high-performance 8-bit Microcontroller with a built-in programmable memory of 8K bytes. This Highly effective CMOS device is designed using advanced technology that incorporates high density and non-volatile storage memory that is easily compatible with the 80C51 instruction set that is commonly used as the Industry commercial standard. Moreover, the flash memory contains an on-chip flash that makes it possible to reprogram the inbuilt memory to suit user needs in a wide range of home environments (Hasan et al., 2015). The ATS9S52 Microcontroller is among the most efficient embedded solutions that are sufficiently flexible and cheap. Moreover, this microcontroller can be integrated into a wide range of embedded control systems.

The Key features of the Microcontroller

- A flash memory of 8K bytes
- Random Access Memory of 256 bytes
- Two data pointers
- One On-chip oscillator
- 32 Input-Output lines
- Operating range of between 4.0V to 5.5v
- Multiple 16-bit timers
- A complete duplex serial port
- 6-vector double interrupt design

The Liquid Crystal Display

This is a thin electronic visual display that makes use of various properties of the liquid crystals such as the modulation to display information. The LCDs are widely used in most display applications due to their portability, compactness, reliability, affordable prices, and little or no impacts on the eyes. Compared to the traditional Cathode Ray Tubes, the LCDs are more reliable with regard to energy efficiency and ease of disposal. The low power consumption makes the LCD display compatible with electronic devices that are battery powered.

The Infrared Sensor

These are important components of the intelligent home security system. They are composed of the Infrared emitter and the Infrared receiver. When an infrared emitter is connected to a power source, it emits the infrared rays that are synthesized by the infrared receiver which is connected to the voltage divider (Parab and Joglekar, 2015). The Infrared sensor works on the basis of voltage resistance such that when an infrared beam of high intensity is directed to the infrared receiver, the resistance of the receiver reduces thus reducing the output voltage in the divider. Moreover, when the distance between the infrared emitter and the receiver is increased, the intensity of the infrared decreases as long as the sensor and the reflecting service are within a fixed distance.

The Light Emitting Diodes

These are the devices used to provide electronic lighting to facilitate the functioning of the light sensors. The LEDs have low energy consumption, compact size, durable, reliable, and are more robust. However, the Light Emitting Diodes to supply sufficient lighting for a room are quite expensive and may need specific current and heating requirement compared to the common fluorescent sources of light that produce equal output (Parab and Joglekar, 2015).


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Home Security Systems. Intrusion Detection with GSM
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