Dennis Bratcher's Model for Biblical Exegesis

Essay, 2019
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Abstract or Introduction

The issue of interpretation has been a serious issue over the years; scholars have engaged the Bible with aim of providing different tools and methods for interpreting it. The fact that the cultural-historical background (setting) of the Bible is far-fetched from modern interpreters cannot be denied. The study posits that this simple fact set the platforms for the issue of interpretation and deriving meaning from the Biblical text. The quest for biblical interpretation brings the work of Dennis Bratcher into lime light. Just like many other scholars, Bratcher provides modern interpreters with a structure outline in doing biblical exegesis. Therefore, this study engages in the re-assessment of Dennis Bratcher’s work titled "A Model for Biblical Exegesis" with the aim of ascertaining its importance and usefulness to modern interpreters. Biblical exegesis involves the interpretation, explanation, and exposition of the Bible's various books, in relation either to the time of their composition, or to their meanings for readers in subsequent centuries. The task of exegesis is to determine what the biblical text meant at the very first time and at the very first place that it was used.

Before engaging the work of Dennis Bratcher, the research sees the need to observe a little about the person of Dennis Bratcher. It is discovered that Bratcher is the Executive Director of Christian Resource Institute. He is a retired professor of Old Testament; he has earned the PhD in Biblical studies from Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, and has served as an educator in the church for more than 25 years. He is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene, and has recently served on staff at a United Methodist church.


Dennis Bratcher's Model for Biblical Exegesis
Biblical Studies and Theology
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Oladotun Paul (Author), 2019, Dennis Bratcher's Model for Biblical Exegesis, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Dennis Bratcher's Model for Biblical Exegesis

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