Violence and the Political Coup of the 2019 Nigerian Presidential Election

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The 2019 Presidential election of Nigeria was like a coup against the Nigerian people by the political elites that hold the resources of state. Families mourned 47 members killed during the ill-fated Nigerian Presidential elections of 2019 and many voters were disenfranchised. The so-called election results did not in any way reflect the votes and will of the Nigerian people home and abroad. After stealing the people’s mandate, losers are urged to go to court by the purported winner. Votes were burnt in the presence of police officers. Returning officers were forced to write results at gun point. Government officials were seen using soldiers to intimidate and kill Nigerians. People were killed in broad daylight by the same forces of darkness that have truncated the destiny of Nigeria.


The good thing about the election is that Nigerians now have the courage to stand before their political oppressors and call them Ole which is a pidgin English parlance for Thief. It is equally shameful that some politicians like Stella Oduah and Peter Nwaoboshi whose names were officially published for looting our treasury were returned to the Senate to make laws for Nigerians. Other persons with pending EFCC cases have returned to office. They have re-invested what they stole into the system in a government purportedly fighting corruption. We are not saying that Atiku would have been better. He is part of the problems we have in Nigeria today from his antecedence. APC and PDP equally rigged. APC out-rigged PDP because they are criminal bed fellows. That is their definition of Change. Atiku has just redistributed some of the money he allegedly stole from Nigeria according to Olusegun Obasanjo.

Atiku wanted to re-invest his loot in order to expand his business empire but nemesis caught up with him. He will spend more because he is going to court. Obasanjo did not find Atiku fit to be his Vice President yet he recommended Atiku to be our president. Who needs the advice of any living Nigerian President? They never meant good and they never did well. Look around you and see whether we have ONE former president that we can put his face on our national currency. None! PDP equally rigged the election especially in states controlled by PDP Governors. That is the same way Governors install their stooges to organize local government elections, write the results in their hotel rooms and disenfranchise citizens of the state. Now Atiku has reeled out six points that he wants Buhari to attend to. Atiku wants the frozen bank account of corrupt politicians to be unfrozen. Little wonder he campaigned that he was coming to enrich his friends.

Sadly, in his six-points demand, Atiku did not mention anything about the 47 Nigerians that were killed during the election. Their death and the pain in their families mean nothing. That is the same sensibilities with all the old politicians. They never care for the people. They kill and rig into office. That is why they are insensitive to us because they feel that their might brought them into office; not our votes. Just imagine the many votes that came out from those same areas where Nigerians were massacred since 2015. When Zimbabwean soldiers freed their country from the dictatorial hold of Robert Mugabe, our soldiers used the gun to intimidate and kill Nigerians during elections as a way of enforcing Buhari’s second coup against the unarmed Nigerian people. Now that elections are over, we shall see whether Nigerian soldiers and police will attend a different market from other Nigerians. We are in the same boat. As a trained soldier, if a public servant tells you to shoot a Nigerian during election, you will just shoot? The music of Fela Anikulapo Kuti against bad governance were apt. Is election war? Is that your training? For any Nigerian you kill for any baseless reason, that is how another soldier like you will kill a member of your family in another part of the country. Whatever comes around goes around. Whenever you use soldiers for elections, you are executing a coup to either forcefully change a government or to remain in office. 47 Nigerians were killed in that election excluding the unreported cases in remote areas. That was not an election it was a war without enemies. Where is the often- flaunted integrity of Buhari? Votes at gun point? The people of Rivers state may appear blind today, but one day, very soon, their eyes will be opened and they will request from Rotimi Amaechi and Nyesom Wike for every blood that both of you have shed in your desperate hunger and greed for power. Both of you have been acting as if there were no Governors in that state before you. The people of Rivers state will not only ask you to account for the blood, they will ask your children.

Whoever has sponsored; whoever has shed the blood of any Nigerian in any part of Nigeria in the name of dirty politics, we shall witness vultures feast on your carcasses. We do not wish to comment on the Governorship election which was another disaster. Nigerians stayed at home due to the militarization of the election. Nigeria has no government. The day we will have a President in that country, Africa and indeed the whole world will know that we have a President. Not this rubbish of stagnation moving back and forth with a direction. This shame must come to an end if Nigerians stand up now. We are not helpless as you think. We all saw the video of the boys who were on their way from Edo to Akwa-Ibom allegedly sponsored by Adams Oshiomhole as thugs to disrupt the elections in Akwa Ibom. That was a time that cultists were foolishly killing themselves in Edo state. You can be sure that those boys have 99.9% cultist affiliation sponsored by the same persons in government that are supposed to bring sanity to the system. Sadly, the only statement which Buhari made in his four years in office which we have confirmed to be true is that, truly, Nigerian youths are indeed lazy. They worked with their oppressors and worked as thugs. Since you refused to take your destinies in your hands but decided to join forces with your oppressors against yourselves, be ready to face the hunger, unemployment, continuing insecurity and other negatives. They made you poor in the first place so that you can worship them over 1,000 naira. Poverty makes a man to eat from his enemy. The youths were going to disrupt elections where we have one of the best Resident Electoral Commissioners in Nigeria Dr Mike Igini. Dr Igini is one of the best if not the best Resident Electoral Commissioners Nigeria has. I don’t. Some polling units were located in bushes and in private homes before Igini was posted there. He dismantled those illegal locations. So this is the youths we have. The importation of thugs from Edo state was a plan hatched by Adams Oshiomhole and Godswill Akpabio who was governor of Akwa-Ibom for eight years under PDP but he defected recently to APC. He saw nothing wrong in killing his people for power. It was reported that the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was in a closed meeting at Uyo where the meeting for the take-over of Akwa-Ibom was discussed.

Just before the election, Akpabio had boasted that that by the time he will finish with Akwa Ibom in 2019, the people will remember what the Minister of information of Germany told Adolf Hitler when the Minister was reporting the war situation when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. You know, Warsaw is the capital of Poland. So, the German Minister of Information reported to Hitler with a statement „Warsaw saw war and war saw Warsaw. Akpabio said that the story of Akwa Ibom in the election will be like that of Warsaw. Understand two factors about the German invasion of Poland by Adolf Hitler. Firstly, before Germany attacked Poland, German soldiers wore the army uniforms of Polish soldiers and they attacked their country Germany and destroyed a few things just to give the impression that it was Poland that provoked and attacked them. That tells you that from Akpabio’s statement, he was set to use the German tactics of Adolf Hitler to sponsor an attack against the good people of Akwa Ibom but pretend not to be the one behind it. The second thing I want you to know, is that during the German occupation of Poland, nearly three million Polish Jews were killed in the German Nazi death camps. In other words, Godswill Akpabio was saying that heads will roll in Akwa Ibom as he will be desperate to deliver that state to APC. These are the murderous leaders you call Excellency and honourables in Nigeria. These are the ones youths are loyal to because they want 10 or 20 thousand naira but your sponsors keep their children at home or abroad. They first made you hungry so that you can worship money. Instead of attacking your oppressors you now attack innocent and poor Nigerians like you.

Atikulating youths, mushroom political parties and fairy tale Presidential aspirants who were planted to scatter the votes for a new Nigeria, we can see that the scale has finally fallen from your eyes. Buhari purportedly won in all the states where Nigerians have been killed and displaced. Suddenly, the 20,000 Nigerians that were killed within the last few years in his regime rose up from their mass graves, collected their unclaimed voters` cards from INEC offices and voted for Buhari the landlord of their death. All members of their families and friends suddenly forgave and voted for Buhari. Within the first six months of 2018, 600 Nigerians were killed in Benue where Buhari did not know that his former IG refused to visit. Within that short period, 400 of us were massacred in Plateau, 250 in Taraba, 200 in Nasarawa; 100 in Southern Kaduna; 100 in Adamawa, 100 in Kogi State etc. Within two days the 23rd and 24th June 2018 coordinated attacks in Plateau state ravaged eleven villages killing 300, and they all voted for Rtd General Muhammadu Buhari from the sparse bloody Borno villages of Huyim, Konduga to Benue villages of Nhyer to Akwati, from Ruku to Kuzen to the areas of Wonaka, Ajja, Mada, Ruwan Baure, Doka, Takoka, and Tudun Maijatauof Zamfara.

The criminal result declared in Nasarawa state was higher than the number of valid votes cast. We now have ghost voters just the way we have ghost workers in Nigeria. Nigerians are not as stupid as the political desperadoes wish us to be. The real result of that Presidential election was when campaign spokesman Festus Keyamo and Buhari’s Social media assistant Lauretta Onochie could not deliver their polling units for the election of Buhari. The real results was when Vice President Yemi Osinbajo could not win his polling unit despite hawking his trader moni as a campaign strategy; the true result was when Buhari lost in the two polling units situated in Aso Rock; it was when residents of Abuja the seat of power massively voted against Buhari. The real result lies in that fear that made Buhari to peep at his wife’s ballot paper. It lies in that fear that made him to import foreigners to participate at the APC campaign, election and registration of foreigners for the collection of permanent Voter`s cards.1

The truth of the election result could be measured on voting pattern after Aisha Buhari sincerely and categorically warned Nigerians that her husband was in office but not in power as the government has been hijacked by two persons. Whenever external forces hijack your government as a President and you are helpless, it means that they are blackmailing your President because they have a secret about him which he does not want the world to know about. The truth of the election result lies in the 300 foreigners arrested by INEC and immigration officers when they came to register for our voters` cards but none of them were taken to court. The truth about how Nigerians voted could be measured by how our Shiite brothers and sisters voted in the northern parts of the country after many of them were killed by Buhari’s security agencies and the long incarceration of their leader El-Zakzaky.


1 Adelani Adepegba, Punch Nigerian Newspaper, 2019: Immigration Service recovers 700 voter cards from foreigners, December 8, 2018

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