Droppee. Smart water bottle and urine tracker

Bachelor Thesis, 2018

205 Pages, Grade: 4.0 (A)

Abstract or Introduction

Droppee is aimed to overcome the most common problem that most of the children avoid drinking water and also do not urinate at the right time. So, we intend to cope up with the problem by bringing in a smart bottle involves a smart watch application along with a game for the motivation of children to drink more water and to urinate when required. The existing similar projects Smart water or fluid intake smart systems and urine reminder or other trackers having different features separately are available in the market, but in Droppee we are coming up with a solution in which we are focusing on both drinking and urination habit trackers with enhanced features in one smart bottle.

The proposed project has fun filled game embedded on bottle to draw attention of kids to comply drink and urine habits and application that help parents to keep track of their child’s drinking habit and urination cycle on smartphone any time. Smart bottle prompts the child to drink water in order to achieve daily goals, drunk water will be calculated by a leveling sensor in the bottle in result score will increase and the flower character grow and for providing the flower character fertilizers child will be prompt to go to washroom. This urination activity can be input through smart watch application.


Droppee. Smart water bottle and urine tracker
Iqra University
Final year project
4.0 (A)
Catalog Number
Smart bottle, urine tracker, urine, water, children, children health, health tracker, track health, track children health, children activities
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shaheryar shahid (Author), 2018, Droppee. Smart water bottle and urine tracker, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/506895


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Title: Droppee. Smart water bottle and urine tracker

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