Businessplan für die "Hol's Ab". Edeka goes App

Term Paper, 2019

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Abstract or Introduction

Hol's Ab is a new service offer for customers of EDEKA stores. The customer can select his products online on the web or via mobile app, order them and pick them up at the EDEKA store of his choice after they have been collected and packed ready for collection by the service staff of the EDEKA store. In addition to the products, the customer can also select the desired pick-up market online and set the desired pick-up time.

The order is generally ready for collection within only three hours. Separate parking spaces and cash registers are available for pick-up service customers in order to guarantee a quick pick-up of the order. It is possible to buy daily large series at any time and from everywhere against a service fee of only two euro starting from a minimum order value of €50 and gives the customer complete liberty with the purchase.

The app can be easily installed on both Android and iOS devices via text, voice or barcode scan and offers further advantages in addition to the ordering function:
- Information about current offers with just a few clicks. In addition to the price and duration of the campaign, savings are also calculated.
- Recurring purchases can simply be saved as favorites and placed in the shopping basket with just one click.
- The market search with integrated navigation function shows locations, opening hours and contact data.
- Recipes can be selected via the recipe selection function and the ingredients can be placed in the shopping basket with just one click.

The selectable product variety is limited to standard products with the usual high EDEKA quality, which usually represent the largest profit margin for the EDEKA group calculated in the headquarter. In order to keep the costs for the service low, it is advisable to use inexpensive temporary staff such as pupils or students who compile the orders.

A service of this kind does not yet exist in the food trade, so this is a project with a unique selling point. However, a similar concept is offered by REWE: REWE offers its customers a delivery service. Here the food can also be ordered online via web or app, so the ordering process is very similar. However, this results in higher service flat rates and longer order periods. In addition, this service has so far mainly been offered in Germany's major cities. Target group of the Hol's Ab - service are much more also the more rural situated middle towns of Germany with 20.000 - 99.000 inhabitants.


Businessplan für die "Hol's Ab". Edeka goes App
University of Applied Sciences Hamburg
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Title: Businessplan für die "Hol's Ab". Edeka goes App

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