A New Approach for Developing Business Model Innovation

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2019

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Abstract or Introduction

Business model innovation has received increasing interest within science and managerial practice over the last years. Accordingly, scientists have developed various approaches on business model innovation. However, it has been recognized that established companies face particular challenges successfully innovating their business model. Current academic research considers the company’s established dominant logic to be the main barrier hindering the innovation process. In contrast to that none of current theories on business model innovation covers the overcoming of the dominant logic in their approaches. The research gap leads to the question, how does a new approach for business model innovation looks like which support today’s companies in their current and future challenges.

To answer this question, Chapter 1 highlights the need for action. Based on that, Chapter 2 deals with the theory of business model innovation and dominant logic. Chapter 4 highlights the research gap reflecting on the role of dominant logic within business model innovation. Chapter 5 aims at developing the according strategy, which acknowledges and effectively addresses the innovation barrier of the dominant logic. Finally, the last Chapter summarizes the findings how the new academic approaches on business model innovation is characterized and discuss the validation of the new theory.


A New Approach for Developing Business Model Innovation
Mendel University  (Business and Economics)
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business strategy, business model, business innovation, dominant logic
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Michael Lang (Author)Annika Koerdt (Author), 2019, A New Approach for Developing Business Model Innovation, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/510083


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Title: A New Approach for Developing Business Model Innovation

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