Spain and its Muslim heritage. Culture in Conflict?

Essay, 2017

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The paper deals with the question of how the orientalist painting “The surrender of Granada” by Francisco Pradilla y Ortiz represents the capitulation of Granada in 1492. The essay argues that the painting is an example of the 19th century Orientalism in Spain as it stresses the dichotomy between Christianity and Islam by emphasizing the weakness of the Muslim “other” while highlighting the triumph of the Christian Monarchs. Firstly, the reasons for Spain’s conflict regarding its Muslim heritage is given. After that, Pradilla’s painting is analysed and put into the context of 19th century Orientalism. Finally, the contemporary situation in Spain is examined.

The year 1492 plays an important role in the country of Spain and especially the region of Al-Andalus. On the 2nd of January 1492, the last Islamic kingdom in Spain, the Nasrid dynasty, surrendered to King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castille, also called the Catholic Monarchs, in the Alhambra of Granada. Over the next ten years, Muslims who had stayed in Spain were forced to convert to Christianity, were relocated and finally, in the early 17th century, banished from Spain. This point already shows that the conflict between Muslims and Christians in Spain did not stop in 1492 but continued to remain. According to McSweeney and Hopkins, even nowadays, the events that happened over 500 years ago, still evoke problems as there is a discussion going on in Spain on how to incorporate its Muslim heritage with Spain’s identity nowadays as a European and mostly Christian country.


Spain and its Muslim heritage. Culture in Conflict?
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Alhambra, Spain, Muslim heritage, Christianity, Islam, painting “The surrender of Granada”, Francisco Pradilla y Ortiz, Orientalism, 1492, Spanien, Muslimisches Erbe, Orientalismus, The surrender of Granada, Christenheit
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Carolina Gerwin (Autor:in), 2017, Spain and its Muslim heritage. Culture in Conflict?, München, GRIN Verlag,


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Titel: Spain and its Muslim heritage. Culture in Conflict?

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