Value Mechanics. The Value Science And Theory

Language As A Medium Value Within All Systems With Respect To The Model Of The Universe Of Value: Information As Regards The Model Of Universality Of Value And Its Sensitivity

Scientific Essay, 2020

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Waves is everything, this means frequency is everything, it also means perpetual iterations lead to perpetual versions that smoothens lead to next and further generations. Generations are required in order to perfect knowledge-versions. This means value, and value is everything and everything is value, a good or bad depending on its usefulness. When value positively digests it tends to abstracts, to every abstract there is a reality. Is the abstract real? The answer is yes. If there is a future, then the abstract is real. A blend of the terms value, abstract, quantum, relativity, string-theory, and singularity, we as humans stand to benefit something by natural endowment like never before. This paper tried to fundamentally sensitized that linguistics mechanics blended in communication and information technology is powerful, information is light and empowers the universe. Also, electricity is the future of the universe and this is the digital machine. The digital machine which is now quantum would become abstract, a generation of perfect robotics and a blend of AI and HUMINT. If electricity implies electrons, and an electron is a particle, leading to lightening the photon, and then to pursue lighter particles than photon means understanding the nature of this universe.


The binary digital technology that led to the advent of the digital machine has brought us a lot of speedy advancements that affected in a positive way, regional growth and development in the global sense. In this paper, attempt was made to link the term digital economics to the term digit and how digits have effects on waves or waves on digits. The paper tried to link wave particles in quantum science to waves and how waves are representation to almost all things. Even as matter is made up of particles, so are waves made up of particles (theory of the wave particle duality, crediting Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Louis de Broglie, Niels Bohr, Arthur Compton, Weiner Heisenberg, et al).

Wave particles consist of energy particles (energy quanta) and have a link with the sub atomic particles such as electrons (electrons behave as both particles and waves), protons (protons have weight), and the neutrons (neutrons have weight), and we chip in photons too. Since particles of matter consist of the smallest unit of matter, the atoms from which the sub atomic particles were discovered therefore, electrons are weightless or almost weightless and consists of a mass of 9.109x10-31kg = 5.489x10-4 atomic mass units, therefore, the related particles and waves are virtual and also weightless or almost weightless, thus with virtualization, the mass of a photon is 4.71x10-38kg although its rest mass is generally considered 0, these are views of the almost negligible nature of these masses. Nicholas Negroponte (1995) showed how the world would drift from atomic processing which have to do with “mass, materials, transport” to bits which have to do with “weightlessness, virtual, instant global movement”.

This paper tried to show that, this virtual nature is what resulted to the term virtual world and therefore the virtual economy which is also known as the digital economy. Attempts were made to use the alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) which powers the digital machine the computer to show that this power is converted to digital digits 0s and 1s. The AC itself is a sinusoidal wave hence the electrons give waves since current is known to be the flow of electrons. Finally, the paper tried to show that if digits could be used to program the digital machine into providing an interface to help humans to interact with it and understand even to the extent of human languages, then it was possible for the digital machine to be used into understanding and evaluating other programs as well as to predict the future of things, issues, and events, as in LINDO, and EXCEL etc,, as we can see today, but even more sophistication is eminent. A slight attempt has been made to touch on language science referring to structure and meaning. It is hoped that this paper will be a good contributing piece to the information and communication technology (ICT) field. With the value theory, the meaning of digits and qubits i.e. quantum-bits will be extended some day to absbit i.e. abstract-bits when “quantum mechanics” would become “abstract mechanics” through “value mechanics”. A stage of computing whereby knowledge would be perfected and time travel expected to be possible with reference to natural machines such as a black hole, white hole, worm hole etc., or through a human built phenomenal mechanisms, levitation, teleportation, and telepathizing, and predictions.


AC (alternating current) is a sinusoidal wave form of current. AC through electric transformers produce electromagnetic impulses or fluxes, the condition for high voltage to be generated for high voltage long distance transmission over cables. AC stepped down and converted to DC (direct current) is used to power the digital machine (the computer). The digital machine changes the electricity powering it into digital energy 1s and 0s, ONs and OFFs (on-offs). This made the digital machine to be programmed to codify letters and numbers, and images and in another case, sound. Therefore, the digital machine could be programmed to understand (process) languages and all multimedia and hence its components in terms of “phonology (the science of sounds and their organization and usage in natural language). Also, according to the University of Minnesota Duluth (2010), “phonology is the study of individual sound units in a language and the rules by which they are combined and recombined again to create larger language units. Phonemes are the units of sound such as /s/ of /b/, they do not convey meaning. Phonemes alter the meaning of words when combined e.g. sat to bat”. See source below), morphology (study of morphemes.

Morphemes are root words [e.g. the word ‘chatters’ has the inflectional root or lemma as ‘chatter’ and the lexical root as ‘chat’, roots are sometimes used to describe words leaving out their lemma but using the lexical root as put earlier in the case of ‘chatters’], “word stems (the part of word to which affixes can be attached e.g. faith as in faithful)” and affixes. Affixes are; [suffixes- fixed at the end of words e.g. ‘-less’ ‘-ful’ ‘-ician’ ‘-archy’], [prefixes- fixed at the beginning of words e.g. ‘dis-‘‘in-‘ ‘anti-’ ‘bi-’ etc.], [infixes- fixed in the middle of words as of chemical terms such as from “xanthoxylin we derive xanthoxyletin, here, ‘et’ is the infix, and from lutidine we derive lupetidine, here, ‘pe’ is the infix”], [ablaut- i.e. a change in vowel that carry extra meaning], and [reduplication- i.e. doubling a vowel to carry extra meaning]), syntax (a set of rules that govern how words are combined to form phrases and sentences. In other words, it is the science of languages’ sentences construction), and semantics (it is the study of meaning, that which is used in understanding language in terms of words, phrases, signs and symbols and what they stand for as well as their detonation.


In general human expressions must be understood in a way, and it is only through this meaning that we make out of this expressions that we can connect the cord of understanding, and this cord is the language which serves as the medium to allow the flow of the interacting “current of energy” i.e. communication that serves as the link to overcome barriers that are language wise, i.e. ‘language barriers’, Moses Beans (2008). Language may be human language or machine language. Whatever the case, human must have a way of making meaning out of it. Becoming dexterous at an art or a skill or knowledge of a sort is similar to learning a language which will flow when communicated between professionals of the field, who perfectly understand themselves. Making programs out of codes with binary functions by algorithms for a robot and a digital machine to understand, and retranslating that into meaning for the understanding of humans, is one of the sophisticated creations man has ever invented. That is “programming languages”, such as (COBOL, FORTRAN, JAVA, HMTL, C++, C#, etc.), and pragmatics (it is the practical application of all the above descriptions to make a language practically communicable. According to the University of Minnesota Duluth Welcome You PPT (2010) “It is knowledge or ability to use language functionally in social or interactive situations”)”.


The computer and other digital machines such as robots e.g. printers, assembling lines assemblers, and more others, could therefore, be programed to understand any language, any images, any computational tasks because, it is built on mathematical binary digits 0s and 1s as stated above and it is an electronic device that works on electricity DC obtained from AC. Since AC is waves, quantum technology which deals into waves and particles of energy (quanta) known as packets of energy, could assume any medium make of any materials and particles, ranging from atoms to sub atomic particles such as electrons, protons etc. the material medium density, molecular or atomic structure. Also, it could determine sound since sound is made up of waves (longitudinal waves), light since light is made up of waves (transverse waves), dimensions or distance between two points or several points, barcodes since barcodes are representation of wave forms of different frequencies (number of wave cycles per second), pressure since pressure could be transformed into wave forms if intermittent.


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Value Mechanics. The Value Science And Theory
Language As A Medium Value Within All Systems With Respect To The Model Of The Universe Of Value: Information As Regards The Model Of Universality Of Value And Its Sensitivity
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