Opportunities and Threats of Shariah-Compliant Robo Advisory. The Case of Wahed Invest

Master's Thesis, 2019
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Abstract or Introduction

This paper seeks to highlight the opportunities of Shariah-compliant Robo-Advisary (R.A.) in the field of FinTech and how it could potentially revolutionize the Islamic Finance industry through its positive integration as opposed to its feared future domination, using Wahed Invest (New York) as a case.

Robo-Advisory is often seen as having the ability to overtake traditional human financial advisors. However, what initially may be understood as a threat is in fact a great opportunity within the Islamic FinTech industry. Shariah-compliant R.A. has the potential to offer immense opportunity to many markets including traditional financial advisories, high-net worth (HNW) clients, and Islamic banks globally as well as those individuals/banks keen to carry out ethical investment alternatives. FinTech, within the boundaries of Shariah law, can be especially applicable for young Muslim millennials residing in the West. Todorof 201(2018)) notices that this particular market has difficulties gaining access to Shariah-compliant financial services. Therefore, one of the leading FinTech areas, and the most appropriate to their needs, is that of Robot Advice.

The aim of this research is then to examine the extent of opportunities available as opposed to the seeming threats of current Shariah-compliant R.A. services using the example of Wahed Invest (New York). This current research will therefore bring forth a positive contribution towards many sectors within the Islamic Finance industry.


Opportunities and Threats of Shariah-Compliant Robo Advisory. The Case of Wahed Invest
Masters of Islamic Finance Practice (MIFP)
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A.I Rahman completed her Masters of Islamic Finance Practice (MIFP) with multiple distinctions at The Global University of Islamic Finance - INCEIF, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She achieved her Bachelor of Commerce degree in conventional Financial Management at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. She is currently authoring a number of books on Islamic Finance and Fintech. When she isn't writing, she teaches Mathematics to school and university students as well as English to Speakers of other languages (ESL)
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Aneesa Rahman (Author), 2019, Opportunities and Threats of Shariah-Compliant Robo Advisory. The Case of Wahed Invest, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/540407


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Title: Opportunities and Threats of Shariah-Compliant Robo Advisory. The Case of Wahed Invest

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