Independent Private Dental Practice vs Dental Chains

Master's Thesis, 2020

79 Pages, Grade: 68

Abstract or Introduction

This study casts light upon the future development of dental professional practice in Germany. Young dentists – members of Generation Y & Z - enter the market and look for work models which fit into their lifestyle. An analysis and evaluation of popular structures following current market trends explores four different business models for the operation of dental practices and work of dentists. As a central part of the research, the patient’s view on the topic is introduced. Emphasis is placed on insights into patients’ ideas and opinions about those models and to see whether a business model may influence the choice of a new dentist.

To explore the way to a decision, a patient may take, Kotler’s 5-Stage Model of the Consumer Buying Process is adapted to the needs of this study. The 5th stage has not been included because it deals with the situation after a decision has been taken. At the same time, the link between consumer and patient is discussed.

Guided by that model, a survey with patients of a German dental practice is conducted. A concurrent triangulation method design, consisting of a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews, is chosen for data collection. The questionnaire has contained questions on decision making following Kotler's model and additional questions on different providers of dental care. Over a period of eight working days, 61 questionnaires have been submitted, and four interviews have been conducted.

The statistical evaluation has revealed results that are mainly consistent with the existing literature. Even today, personal recommendations from friends and family are the most important sources of information. Accessibility and technical equipment have been identified to be crucial features of a dental practice. However, the most critical characteristics recognised have been ‘care by a consistent dentist’ and ‘personal contact with the administration’. Furthermore, it has been discovered that franchise models and dental chains are not considered in the choice of a practice.


Independent Private Dental Practice vs Dental Chains
Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
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Dental Chains, Patient Opinions
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Dr. Ulrich Schmitz (Author), 2020, Independent Private Dental Practice vs Dental Chains, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Independent Private Dental Practice vs Dental Chains

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