The Role of Managers in a Globalized World. Strategic Cultural Thinking and Cultural Intelligence

Essay, 2020

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Strategic Cultural Thinking.

Cultural intelligence



Managers in the globalized world

Massimo Blazich P., MBA,BBA


Different cultures in the world interact differently with each other as the cultural seals imprinted in different areas of the world are ancient qualities of norms, sociability and collective forms expressed in a different way.

In the globalized world, interaction with people from different corners of the earth and with different cultural perceptions is increasingly becoming a very important element to analyze and live, especially if these areas are reached by people who are moved to take care of their businesses. of teams to which to devote the economic interest of the company itself.

In this very varied contest, different cultures of different latitudes meet and must understand each other correctly in order to obtain the result of optimization of the requested performance, a real small revolution that concerns first of all the people and managers who are invested in this company.

It is not for everyone to be within reach as the manager's mind must be open and evaluate together with his team the potential of this opportunity for expansion in a new market, therefore knowing the uses and customs of the people with whom he will have to deal and interact with the company effectively. Cultural intelligence and adaptations are very important practices for a manager who must involve the team to work locally in another distant reality.


An organization, whatever it is, is defined by a set of elements many of which are connected to forms, symbols, norms, attitudes.

In all this the cultural form of each individual element is like an Iceberg where the upper part that we see is the one that constantly emerges in our eyes, but the substrate that does not "float" and that we cannot see, which is much more large and densified, it is often a reason for surprise and strong impact on people's lives and in their culture of origin.

The work is often generated by the manger in a team of people who work closely to acquire an important goal; therefore we can imagine how much this cultural diversification, in an increasingly global environment, can weigh on the team and its work. The manager's job is to trigger the right teamwork to achieve a strong end result.

One of the elements that most distinguish a group work is the Team level, in which these cultural elements can help or not the theme in their operations and efficiency (Cultural Intelligence for Leaders, 2012)

Surely Hofstede's theories can help us better understand the cultural dimension in 5 Cultural Value Dimensions related to identity, power, gender, uncertainty, and time (Cultural Intelligence for Leaders, 2012)

The more extensive and global the organization, the more distinct cultural elements emerge very strongly and present in the business or in the implementation of the organization's principles.

An example is the cultural root of the family, the source of important critical factors within groups with different cultures. The concept of individualism and collectivism is an open challenge for the manager who must know how to dose the relationship by focusing on the result and not refraining it from self-criticism, even personal ones. Precisely from this point of view, critical awareness, that is the whole of understanding the historical, social, cultural and political feeling of a given context (IGI Global, nd) must be a primary element of comparison for people who work in a organization, that is, to report their behavior to a critical and functional reasoning with respect to a company's organizational and work program.


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The Role of Managers in a Globalized World. Strategic Cultural Thinking and Cultural Intelligence
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