Digital Nomads. How the era of digitalization creates alternative lifestyles

Bachelor Thesis, 2020

96 Pages, Grade: 1,6

Abstract or Introduction

In this paper, the phenomenon of digital nomadism in permanent employment is presented. In general, digital nomads are characterized by their independence of location, their employment in the digital space and common values. Most of them are freelancers and entrepreneurs, but also employees, who are part of this movement, want to leave the conservative concept of normal employment and break new ground. First the changes in the business world and the emergence of digital nomadism were presented in this paper.

Due to a lack of literature, guideline-based expert interviews were conducted to gain insight into the opportunities and risks of the multi-local lifestyle concept for employees and companies. In addition, the framework conditions for companies and digital nomads required by this work and life concept were examined and presented in detail. Such a framework condition can mean, for example, the adaptation of processes and leadership. There are also differences between completely remote companies and only partially remote companies, which can lead to a split company structure. In this context, the similarities and differences between traditional telework and digital nomadism in permanent employment were also examined.

These are similar, for example, regarding the technical prerequisites that should be created in companies and the changed communication. In addition, there are challenges and opportunities that arise from the travel component and the nature of digital nomadism, such as negatively impaired processes due to time differences or certain characteristics and experiences that digital nomads possess or experience that can be used positively in a professional context. Thus, this work not only serves a scientific purpose, but also provides a practical framework for employing digital nomads in traditional companies.


Digital Nomads. How the era of digitalization creates alternative lifestyles
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Digital nomads, Digitale Nomaden, Homeoffice, Digitalisierung, Telework, Nomaden, modern nomads, Heimarbeit, remote
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Lisa-Marie Wagner (Author), 2020, Digital Nomads. How the era of digitalization creates alternative lifestyles, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Digital Nomads. How the era of digitalization creates alternative lifestyles

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