Instagram als Erfolgsfaktor für Luxusunternehmen. Social-Media-Marketing eines High-Fashion-Unternehmens

Bachelorarbeit, 2019

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145. "That is one of the best perfumes ever”; 146. “My favorite from all the ‘Bloom’ campaign”; 147. “i wish i had $99”; “i got mine.. and I swear it smells so gooooood… so floralll”; 148. “Flora has to be my fav scent”; 149. “Must be around 4000$”; 150. “I have it and I love it”; 151. “I have it and I’m obsessed with it. @gucci @guccibeauty”; 152. “Omg I have that it makes me smell rich and expensive”; 153. “I wish I can smell through my phone”; 154. “I’ve smelled this already”; 155. “Is this a good Christmas present for my mom?”; 156. “Brought this for my sister she loved it”; 157. “Just brought it for my mum”; 158. “I like your post”; 159. “How I can get this?”; 160. “Love this new line they all smell delectable”; 161. “I am blooming with @guccibloom”; 162. “The best! My favorite!”; 163. “I hope its smells like it looks… beautiful”; 164. “I got samples and its in my wallet”; 165. “I have it & I love Love Love it”; 166. “I’m so in love with this #guccibloom”; 167.“One of my fav’s”; 168. “One can only bloom with Gucci”; 170. “I have the perfume”; 171. “Can I please get some Help ordered a Belt from a store first my tracking number was never sent […] This is so wrong.”; 172. “This comment section is 99% rich people”; 173. “I love this perfume so much !”; 174. “Wo…impressive. Very nice! Love it!”; 175. “I want that perfume so bad”; 176. “Our favorite from the ‘Bloom’ campaign”; 177. “@USER I can never forget that delicious smell”; 178. “Love it! It’s one of my favorites”; 179. “Have it and love it”; 180. “I have that MY FIRST EVER GUCCI”; 181. “Best Gucci perfume for women”; 182. “Somebody can tell me which one is the best between this Gucci and absolute pour femme Gucci?”; 183. “I have this one hehe. Finally I have one Gucci stuff. I love it. the smell can long from day to night.”; 184. “I look at this and see Chanel”; 185. “My favorite all the time”; 186. “It kinda smells too strong and manly. I think u guys should soften it a little”; 187. “I love how it smells on me even though I’ve never been into floral scents”; 188. “@USER this what I just bought yesterday.. see I got taste”; 189. “I have this sent and it is my favorite perfume I’ve ever worn.”; 190. “Y’all gonna have people buy 125. “dollar perfume online without smelling it first”; 191. “So tiny yet so beautiful @USER”; 192. “Merry Christmas for me please!!!!!”; 193. “I work at a perfume store and I can bet $100 that THIS – GUCCI BLOOM IS THE BEST EVRE SMELLING PERFUME EVER.”; 194. “@USER I bought this for my mom and she LOVES it. Get it for your sister.” 100

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Beitrag Nr. 24 vom 23.12.2018

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195. "Present me these sneakers please”;196. “@USER should have gotten them”; 197. “these the bob the builder 13s?”; 198. “Gucci bang bang… happy holidays”; 199 “It is getting uglier and uglier”; 200. “They stand like my parents car”; 201. “@USER guess who I am imagining wearing these”; 202. “Gucci, what is this??”; 203. “A bit Massive for my personal taste, nice though”; 204. Haahahahahahahha… The emperor’s new clothes”; 205. “I just accidentally tapped on the picture and it says 1,500$”; 206. “Hi love your designs can you gift me Gucci gym bag”; 207 “Good morning everyone so beautiful I Love You So Much Thank you so much I have you all Gucci”; 208. “All I want for Christmas”; 209. “In the words of Miranda Priestly ‘utter catastrophe’”; 210. “Love this metallic colorway for the Flashtrek!”; 211. “Where can I find the mesh… I need it for my sisters wedding”; 212. “Im the only one who think they are not beautiful?”; 213 “sorry honestly those r just u-g-l-y”; 214. “@USER I dare you to wear this for a day”; 215. “People will wear anything expensive eh lol”; 216. “@USER all I want for Christmas”; 217. “yuck. Really horrible and disrespectful”; 218. “Looks like something you’d find at dollar tree on sale for 50 cents. Pass”; 219. “ohh, I would wear these.”; 220. “@USER are these the sneakers you were going to get or Bailey”; 221. “Is it a little too big?”; 222 “Is it April Fools?”; 223 “Hurt me, hurt me”; 224 “So like I post the same photo of a pencil everyday. Come show some positive energy”; 225 “@USER those where what I was talking about”; 226. “They are horrible, I do not wear them, even if they give them to me”; 227. “They just get worse”; 228. “Really!!!!!!! Sorry @gucci I don’t like it.”; 229. “Bring back the old Gucci back.”; 230. “are these made to go to the moon”; 231. “Kindly change your designer.. I mean on the name of creativity.. its getting uglier @gucci”; 232. “are you joking?? Seriously. I would not wear these even while residing in an assisted living facility.”; 233. “They are called: a Nightmare before Christmas and there after.”; 234. “I saw those at Saks and are horrible and heavy.”; 235. “Got them yesterday Fall in love. And even the new 2019 sandals. Via Montenapoleone showroom in Milan, Italy IT”; 236. “If you step on mud. Rip”; 237. “I would were these”; 238. “Gucci, this in an intervention… we expect much more from you. You have the right to be eccentric and innovative but please don’t loose your taste and elegance”; 239. “The ugliest thing id ever seen”; 240. “Gucci what are those make better once”; 241 “Clumsy and kitsch, I’d never wear them…”; 242. “I wouldn’t buy this but if you gave it to me for free I would wear it just for fun”; 243. “Why were these made? Sad day for Gucci”; 244. “Those probably cost like 1,000 dollars”; 245 “They look like transformers”; 246. “Am I the only one who don’t understand why it is extremely expensive ??”; 247. “G U C C I where is the original Design team??? Did the disappear…”; 248. “Cant take you seriously if I see you wearing those”; 249. “what’s wrong with yall”; 250. “The more I look at this the less I know”; 251. “I have a pair of air monarchs that can beat those”; 252. “If y’all think these are fire and willing to spend a thousand dollars that’s a L”; 253. “This looks like something my sister would have made when she was 3”; 254. “drooling, literally imagine those as socks with cropped pants @USER”; 255. “If I wanna look like that I would go to goodwill”; 256. “@USER how do you feel about these?”; 257. “Gucci you really hoodwinked people into buying these bedazzled geriatric sneakers.”; 258. “You know I love it Gucci.” 64

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Beitrag Nr. 26 vom 24.12.2018

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259. "Tania Protopopova With faith, courage and hope, every dream is achievable. If you dream, dream to succeed. May this Christmas, God bless you with determination, honesty and happiness. I wish you a Merry Christmas.”; 260. “1st comment omg saw this 4 secs ago”; 261. “Mb give me socks for Christmas?”; 262. “Gucci give me free stuff for Christmas challenge”; 263. “Love this pink bagd”; 264. “That ouroboros print is gorgeous”; 265. “How are there not that many likes that???”; 266. “Thank you @gucci. happy holidays”; 267. “Happy Holiday’s.. thank you”; 268. “Hi Gucci noice to meet you happy holidays to you Gucci”; 269. “MERRY CHRISTMAS at all”; 270. “@gucci you forgot to mention Christmas”; 271. ”Gucci for live.. happy holiday from this side too”; 272. “Let’s see the other 2/3”; 273. “I got that book”; 274. “I was so confused when I got mine it’s such a stunning book. Thanks again for the gift!”; 275. “alchemists everywhere roll in their graves!!”; 276. “@USER this was part of it!!”; 277. “Right back happy days”; 278. “Where are our presents @gucci”; 279. “GOOD MORNING! MERRY CHRISTMAS! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!”; 280. “I like your post”; 281. “I wish everybody a merry Christmas and happy holiday shopping”; 282. “Always joy and beauty”; 283. “I got a Gucci bag to christmas”; 284. “Love you Gucci but this is a Wiccan symbol”; 285. “It be a happy holiday if the Gucci Balaclava was back in stock”; 286. “Received a few weeks ago! Lovely looks! Thank you”; 287. “My mum unwrapped her gift this morning”; 288. “Those are poppy flowers pods!!!!”; 289. “Omg guess what I got a Gucci perfume its actually really good, glad my dad knows about Gucci bahahaa”; 290. “Thank you. This was also my first time getting a Gucci item for christmas.”; 291. “Too much symbolism… opium inside the self eating serpent…”; 292. “Thank u for the present @gucci”; 293. “The holiday packaging is so beautiful my god!”; 294. “everything for everybody, all the time.” 36

Beitrag Nr. 35 vom 28.12.2018

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295. “Hello! Have you a good time.”; 296. “Almost 4k for a cape? Like u make atleast 3000 dollars in profit”; 297. “So I just spent 275 on a pair of Gucci earrings thinking I would treat myself and the’ve arrived and they’re clip ons!!! Absolutely blown away as to why anyone in this generation would wear clip on’s anymore, even my 4 year old niece has her ear pierced?! So so disappointed and confused”; 298. “4 stacks for this huh”; 299. “Black and gold! Beautiful combination! Well done Gucci”; 300. “I wish I could…”; 301. “Reminded me Grace Jones”; 302. “Hello, I’d like to report a crime @USER”; 303. “I like your post”; 304. “Gucci bang bang good morning”; 305. “Lemme get uhhhhhhhh a sponsor please”; 306. “I ordered for this and still haven’t gotten it”; 307. “Gucci love you and all but sometimes your just to expensive for me”; 308. “I was wondering if you’re searching for new models. I think I know some good looking guys there… (BangtanSonyeondan)”; 309. “this photo looks very glorious.”; 310. “The women is wearin my life’s fees”. 16

Beitrag Nr. 42 vom 30.12.2018

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311. “gucci date me challenge”; 312. “I’m the first like!!”; 313. “Here’s someone using the Gucci symbols for their own gain and trying to sell it”; 314. “I like your post”; 315. “Good morning everyone I Love You So Much All So Beautiful Thank you so much Gucci”; 316. “Awesome staging and photo, creative team.”; 317. “Today is my birthday and I really want a gift from you guys”; 318. “That purse is overpriced tho”; 319. “Everyone’s talking about how gorgeous the purse is and im just here looking at the color of the balloons #larryiseverywhere”; 320. “I like it, I want it badly”; 321. “Bet I can’t even afford one of those balloons”; 322. “BUING FOR MY BIRTHDAY HEHE”; 323. “This bag is perfection”; 324. “Versace is the best”; 325. “I need this in my live @USER”; 326. “May not be available in your Gucci store”; 327. “You need to release an exclusive vegan collection for us animal lovers”; 328 “@USER this one is cute”; 329. “Is this on website ? I can’t find it?”; 330. “Love this phot of the balloons are awesome”; 331. “@USER this is the one you need”; 332. “I never saw a poor brand like Gucci”; 333. “@USER buy me this for my birthday” 23

Beitrag Nr. 48 vom 02.01.2019

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334. “The Gucci outfit some of y’all be wearing don’t be on this website”; 335. “My story states how I feel…”; 336. “Someone should get for me”; 337. “We love the mutchness”; 338. “@USER You should get this Gucci scarf.”; 339. “We adhere to the spirit of guccification”; 340. “I want the Gucci flip flops”; 341. “High-subculture is Gucci T Shirts.”; 342. “omg its very sweet cube”; 343. “GUCCI WE ARE ONLINE”; 344. “Let’s smash 2019, hope you all had a good new year”; 345. “What a lovely picture.”; 346. “May I ask how much for this scarf?”; 347. “I’ll have it for my mom, soon.”; 348. “The colour is so gorgeous”. 15

Beitrag Nr. 61 vom 06.01.2019

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349. “Your 2019 isn’t cursed, like to have a good day”; 350. “Yesss I love Gucci fashion it’s my dream to model for them”; 351. “Someone let me wear this dress!”; 352. “Oh that is sweet, but probably very expensive”; 353. “I’m falling down Gucci”; 354. “Ok girl that hair”; 355. “Gucci is Art deco”; 356. “@USER how we deal with haters”; 357. “We hope you will choose our star as a model for your brand @USER”; 358. “We hope you will choose our star as a model for your brand @USER”; 359. “Perfect photo I loved”; 360. “Omg I need this dress”; 361. “Why she dabing like that?”; 362. “@USER @USER you would look great with this, YAAAAAS”; 363. “my mood when you invite me anywhere @USER”; 364“When it’s too hot”; 365. “Gucci is expensive, but not all the styles are cute. OOF”; 366. “I am so in love with this.”; 367. “I totally thought this was a Cirque de Soleil advertisement. I even thought: huh, is this playing in Vegas?”; 368. “@USER this reminds me of you”; 369. “When the sun is too bright”; 370. “Me when I buy something from Gucci”. 22

Beitrag Nr. 63 vom 07.01.2019

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Beitrag Nr. 74 vom 10.01.2019

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379. “I thought these were Tarot Cards @USER”; 380. “Truly great art so beautiful”; 381. “When Gucci posts vaporware”; 382. “Yup. Art is definitely subjective.”; 383. “well once I get started. I make an emphasis im a big bully. and then I just move yell around, u on the same street corner. no u aint. situation would’ve been handled and u will be pushed out of any direction im going to”; 384. “@gucci has been getting very mystical…. tarot like.. and metaphysical these past years… I mean it was always there just had to look harder In past years… this is great!”; 385. “Let there be light!”; 386. “@USER if only the Gucci garden was open when we were there”; 387. “I’ve been reading mythos by Stephen fry this past week and just passed the Ouroboros chapter”; 388. “Gucci going dark this year”; 389. “Merry is holly mother and great woman”; 390. “Guccid down to the socks”; 391. “@USER @USER just reminded me of mojo”; 392.“hey, rather awesome shot, maintain it up”. 14

Beitrag Nr: 77 vom 09.01.2019

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393. “That is very very fake Gucci!!!”; 394. “I like it better on Harry”; 395. “Humm Period rooms. Not really sure on the name.”; 396. “@USER DUDE!! How sick is @dapperdanharlem jacket??!!!!!; 397. “I was just in Florence and I saw the Gucci garden!“; 398. “Harry wore that suit”; 399. “Fashion all stars, icons, and heroes”; 400. “Looking for a new Designer? I’m the one U might need sir”; 401. “Two bald, confident, accomplished bosses!! Oh helm yes!”; 402. “Can I just model for Gucci 1 time!!! I love all of Gucci styles!”; 403. “Dapper Dan is the original G.O.A.T, I can’t wait.”; 404. “You need a real people wearing your garments.”; 405. “First picture looks like @USER separated into two separate enemies”; 406. “Harry wore it better”; 407. “Something dope is cooking”; 408. “Why don’t you feature Ll pump”; 409. “Does he buy fake Gucci”; 410. “@USER does this suit look familiar?”; 411. “I like Gucci because the design is sooo my style…eclectic (a little bit of this and a little bit of that) it!”; 412. “Your saying someone probably spent 1500 on a black shirt with a bee on it.. yikes”; 413. “@USER This lining up issue turns me off from entering Gucci ever again ! What stupid idea by the people who taught this! One Customer per sales assistant = 2 hour line up”; 414. “Sorry for your lost”; 415. “I want to be your model”; 416. “Happy New Year Francois Pinault”; 417. “hello there, pretty nice photograph, ensure that it stays up”; 418. “Can I present my age group and model for you? I’m 55 year old.”; 419. “hello there, incredibly wonderful shot, make sure that it stays up”; 420. “WE LOVE YOU @dapperdanharlem BUT THEY ARE DONE WITH US”; 421. “Never rocked your brand GARBAGE”; 422. “@USER I see you queen”; 423. “All these fits too nice“; 424. “@dapperdanharlem They racists bro get outta there before they lynch you… #NoMoreGucci if #NoMoreGucci #RacistInstitutions Giving Gucci to the homeless”; 425. “This goes to show they need us!!!!”; 426. “Yaw still racists and ignorant to what actual ill intent is carries by modern pushers of the social agenda daily. Its racism towards the original people of earth. Brown People”; 427. “Gucci CEO & the King of HARLEM #dapperdan”; 428. “The king of Harlem Swag Fashion is Dapper Dan / #jogsportsapparel” 36.

Beitrag Nr. 95 vom 14.01.2019

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429. “Very Lana Del Rey”; 430. “This collab was much needed”; 431. “THIS IS BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING”; 432. “FREAKING HAPPY TO SEE HER AS AN OFFICIAL FACE OF GUCCI”; 433. “Please give me $122 to geht the perfume”; 434. “MAKE AN EGG SHIRT I WOULD BUY IT”; 435. “glamourous and quirky individual”; 436. “Love this look on her”; 437. “Is she ever gonna be relevant again?”; 438. “Uhhh the best campaign”; 439. “@USER who wore it better?! Umm lemme think. @USER of course”; 440. “Remember what we Italian do with the egg. THE CAARBONARA”; 441. “God I live for that green”; 442. “Amy W style love it.. why Guilty style? Any meaning?”; 443. “Ugh she’s so adorable I can’t”; 444. “Really love this. Plus she’s a great artiste so… bonus”; 445. “I want those clipsss”; 446. “ICONIC. OH MY GOD. THE NAILS”; 447. “I need some Gucci flip flops”; 448. “Why let the egg have all the fun? Show love to this beautiful fork!!”; 449. “@lanadelray so proud of my queen. Love you!!”; 450. “The Queen Of Indie Pop aka Lana Del Rey”; 451. “God, this is good.”; 452. “How beautiful this is”; 453. “THIS IS AMAZING IM DEAD”; 454. “@USER two things I love in one picture”; 455. “A glamourous and quirky individual I think that’s my new live motto thanks byeeee”; 456. “release that pic in the corner”; 457. “I can not believe that u had the chance and the ability to get lana and harry in one video and you didn’t”; 458. “Whereeee …is….the…PIG?!! I WANNT THE PIG”; 459. “Iconic – so strikingly beautiful”; 460. “icons never miss the opportunity to life”; 461. “@USER my words are colliding”; 462. “The most beautiful ever”; 463. “We need more Lana X Gucci!”; 464. “does it get any better. My two fave in one.”; 465. “We are NOT worthy”; 466. “Gucci gang? More like lettuce gang #lettucegang”; 467. “@USER @USER she is so pretty”; 468. “Yo I need her outfit.”; 469. “Looks amazing my baby”; 470. “Love her so much”; 471. “This is all I wanted for 2019”; 472. “at least, green hairdo delight – AT 2019”; 473. “The power that she has”; 474. “Lana and Gucci are what retro dreams are made of”; 475. “@lanadelrey in green Gucci. doesn’t get much better than this @USER xx”; 476. “howdy, particularly superb picture, ensure that is stays up”; 477. “hello, incredibly wonderful photograph”; 478. “That’s my barrette. Think Gucci forgot about it.”; 479. “GOD IS A WOMAN”; 480. “Lana del Ray, you are my 80’s retro revival”; 481. “I love her so much”; 482. “The only pair of earrings they made like these and the necklace, but didn’t produce them, only ones I would wear”; 483. “What a beauty! What a genuinely beautiful singer!” 55

Beitrag Nr: 101 vom 16.01.2019

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484. “If nothing is everything and everything is nothing then technically nothing is stopping you from stopping everything you’re doing liking my nothing”; 485. “yeah the first. 2 show I’m not a joke”; 486. “I’m bouta go to Heaven, anybody need anything?”; 487. “Let’s make a deal @gucci”; 488. “Gucci is the modern Art of Hippie”; 489. “Tea cup pigs aren’t real! They are just babies!”; 490. “Are you sponsor Ankaragücü? AnkaraGUCCI @gucci”; 491. “Autobio or fiction..most fiction draws from REAL LIFE”; 492. “The US government has arrested Marzieh Hashemi, a US-based Muslim correspondent who has gone to the United States to visit his brother, who has cancer. He has been forced to take his hijab in prison and eat pork … Is it free of American expression?”; 493. “hello, really pleasing photo, keep it up”. 10

Beitrag Nr: 107 vom 18.01.2019

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494. “I thought this was the Richards sisters for a sec”; 495. “They look sooo genuinely happy”; 496. “I like this outfit”; 497. “what are they practicing some weird kinda ritual now?”; 498. “Just playing but with serious face!”; 499. “loved wearing this suit!”; 500. “I like pink color”; 501. “Beautiful and dandy as always @allesandro_michele”; 502. “This is my new greeting from now.”; 503. “I’ll be sick to a regular three-piece suit thanks.”; 504. “Where can I find that @USER Gucci headband I want one and my Guys need 4”; 505. “Can you please do iPhone XR cases?“; 506. “We love a 70’s throw back style”; 507. “What a strange picture.”; 508. “Why does this reminds me of Luna and Ginny??”; 509. “Kid-n-Play... We can’t be the only ones”; 510. “Oh My! Now this is priceless... I absolutely would rock that. GUCCI WELL DONE!”; 511. “Wish I could shoot a campaign for you”; 512. “We are recreating this photo with you Old Navy and Target budget... @USER”; 513. “@USER And I’ll buy myself the pink suit.”; 514. “I can see Harry Styles wearing it” 21

Beitrag Nr: 115 vom 21.01.2019

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515. “@USER UM? so we’re getting these right?”; 516. “@USER Gucci took my style lol”; 517. “Anyone else think this is hideous but follow them bc they are a brand”; 518. “Love the sick vibe”; 519. “It looks like Lord of the rings”; 520. “Gucci is just so cool”; 521. “Not the Jesus sandals”; 522. “Mädels Ihr seht super aus”; 523. “Gucci you killing it”; 524. “Never will fall. Gucci is awesome”; 525. “Was ist eigentlich mit Gucci passiert?”; 526. “Cute love the baby animals“; 527. “They look like punks”; 528. “When will it be possible to buy the rights on your website @gucci?”; 529. “Love the colors. Inspiration”; 530. “I like this a lot”; 531. “@USER Sandalen sind ein neues Must-have hahaha”; 532. “Sins when did this look good??? It looks WACK!! LOL”; 533. “why, sry It’s toooo mutch”; 534. “This picture is too expensive for me to look at”; 535. “@USER can the one on the riht be you new uniform plz?”; 536. “In between seasons vibe, Loving the look”; 537. “I’m confused, a lil intrigued but confused”; 538. “They literally went to goodwill and painted everything red and green”; 539. “Can you pls send me an empty box? I’d sleep with it and show it to everyone I know. Or like a broken ribbon. I’m too young to work and starve myself to buy something Gucci and I reaaally love Gucci like oof I wish I was rich”; 540. “Gucci got he concept. I mentor you.”; 541. “This seems like a mops and brooms kinda outfit @USER”; 542. “Such great energy in those clothes”; 543. “@USER I can’t even take all this goodness”; 544. “I love this look, especially with the middle jacket”; 545. “Alter was ist mit euch los?!”; 546. “@USER why can I see you wearing this?”; 547. “I slept in my neon pink thigh highs & I’m still wearing them 24 hours later, but with nikes #nike”; 548. “Just seeing this now… gucci is so good.”; 549. “OK I am convinced people will buy anything”; 550. “It looks terrible. What happened with Gucci @alessandro_michele”; 551. “Look at them Gucci crocs”; 552. “I don’t get the fashion world anymoreand I’m still in my 30s”; 553. “wow, your ideas is always stunning”; 554. “Please drop another @dapperdanharlem collection”; 555. “How much for the chicken?”; 556. “The photo is wonderful”; 557. “Cute ! But I thought it was year of the pig”; 558. “Hideous. Are you people going crazy?”; 559 “@USER practical skills be like”; 560. “You are out of ideas, come on admit it! I made abs from laughing”; 561. “Nope I don’t like this style”; 562. “Style role number one has left the chat”; 563. “Your gang is flama Gucci gang”; 564. “Gucci Cruise collection. What cruise are you on?”; 565. “Ehmmm, When I start following Gucci, I was thinking about beautiful clothes, but now I see that the developers and designers don’t have something more to put on their shops”; 566. “this picture reminds me of lord of the rings. All this combination have different style”; 567. “I wore my pink socks for 48 hours, goodbye forever”; 568. ”Those designers are too smart”; 569. “The Velcro middle aged dad sandals!! NO JUST NO!”; 570. “This is hideous but I am loving it”; 571. “This looks so terrible”; 572. “So many things wrong with this picture”; 573. “Why are they sitting close together but away from the black lady ?”; 574. “This pic says so much why is she away from the other Gucci y’all really don’t like blacks huh”; 575. “Why Gucci so weird tho”. 61

Beitrag Nr. 120 vom 24.01.2019

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576. “Wow I love the way your dressed”; 577. “4 I have 2 let u know I wont tire out after a day of doing this read as”; 578. “Practically perfect in every way”; 579. “What an extravagant dress”; 580. “She’s almost at her goal weight by eating only cubes of cheese lol @USER”; 581. “Gucci is my middle name”; 582. “Gucci now that is a dress. Brava. I would have worn my hair more classy…. definitely an up sweep, I know she is dead but his is an Audrey Hepburn dress”; 583. “omg wow!!!! this is absolutely stunning”; 584. “fell in love with that”; 585. “Pls make some upscale silk alternative creations, thx!”; 586. “SHE IS PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY”; 587. “Phantom silk, so brilliant”; 588. “A pony tail? Really?”; 589. “What can’t she pull off?”; 590. “Oh wow. I’m speechless. This is beautiful.”; 591. “I wonder the story behind @gucci”; 592. “sehr schön und elegant”; 593. “STAY ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! GOD’s LEGION!”; 594. “Wow Emily that is one gorgeous gown! x”; 595. “Match any outfit or occasion in seconds with just one watch @USER ‘Your Wrist Your Style’”; 596. “Stunning gown. I almost mistook her for Sarah Paulson!”; 597. “@gucci I saw this on enews and I fell in love and thought that would be great if it were Gucci! I’m so glad you posted this to confirm my natural love for the brand!!!”; 598. “What a queen and that Gucci scintillation”; 599 “Someone stole my slides man”; 600. “Worst customer service ever”; 601. “She always gets it right”; 602. “This is how my sister comes to a snack at mac donalds”; 603. “For a second I thought it was @USER”; 604. “Gucci angel – shine bright like a diamond”; 605. “How many billions that cloth piece costs??”; 606. “@USER two things I like in one pic”. 31

Beitrag Nr. 131 vom 27.01.2019

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607. “Blind, obvious with that outfit”; 608. “Casually wearing 4 layers of Gucci”; 609. “@gucci Hi there. This is Danial from Iran and I have to modelling business since three years ago. It’s a true honor for me to be your associate in Iran. please make a conctact with me (…)”; 610. USER wie treid to help you…. style….@USER”; 611. “The look is so cool.”; 612. “You should get V from BTS to be a model”; 613. “Can I come for the Jacket?”; 614. “Love that denim jacket”; 615. “We can earn clothes from gucci?”; 616. “Wow is that my son???? 555”; 617. “Dress as if the whole wardrobe you had fallen on is a tacky 70s-80s and there are things that it is better not to repeat.”; 618. “I bought those socks for $125”; 619. “@USER in 2019 people are strange”; 620. “I need that jacket. Tyson’s 2 doesn’t have it. Can I order this online ??”; 621. “Is this a man or a Women?”; 622. “Oh Gosh I love it! How much?!”; 623. “@USER this jean jacket is for YOU!”; 624. “love the sweater & socks!”; 625. “Let me model y’all gear @gucci I’ll have these flying off the shelves more than they already are”. 19

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626. “let’s run together baby @gucci”; 627. “can you give me a heart to my comment”; 628. “This is kind of cringe”; 629. “The ones which are in the middle are so weird”; 630. “Seems a bit too expensive for me”; 631. “Give me those samples pls”; 632. “@USER these are the Gucci ones I tried on Heathrow airport”; 633. “The middle ones are great”; 634. “I love my Gucci’s”; 635. “Why @gucci brands make me fell grumpy. bebeh”; 636. “This pieces is Lit… the one with red lips”; 637. “And a cost of over 1,000”; 638. “omg they are fire”; 639. “I have these ones with the tongue”; 640. “Love the retro colored logo!”; 641. “Looking forward to them”; 642. “The best products in one”; 643. “Should we use them!!!”; 644. “We love a good photo shop”; 645. “I have the pair with the red lips”; 646. “I got those plain white ones. Well not so plain. They are distressed”; 647. “My 17 year old daughter said she’d weare these, so that says a lot!”; 648. “nice kicks, would you like a shoutout Gucci?”; 649. “I love the lips @USER”; 650. “LOVE THE WHITE WITH FIRE ORANGE GG LOVE LOVE NEEEEEEED!”; 651. “Far left is it”; 652. “Looks like 3 fancy grandpa’s took a break here”; 653. “I will take one of each”; 654. “Where is the ‘fresh mowed grass stains?’ Maybe that’s the spring collection?”; 655. “Now those are right”; 656. “Those sneakers are hideous!”; 657. “@USER look at them all together, loving life.”; 658. “@USER those ones with the lip”; 659. “But really tho which Payless you guys cop these from?”; 660. “Love this style”; 661. “I really want a pair of these @USER”; 662. “My dad’s sneakers”; 663. “Good morning everyone Beautiful I Love You So Much All Thank you so much Gucci”; 664. “Adding to shopping list”; 665. “I want to see the right ones”; 666. “Put me on PR for sneakers”; 667. “Love this keep going”; 668. “@USER apparently they make sneakers with dirt on them already now because ‘fashion’”; 669. “How much these cost again? 90Million dollars okay… *broke forever*”; 670. “Thought this was wu tang for a second”; 671. “@USER they waiting for you hahahahha …”; 672. “Red making noise this year”; 673. “Could you do a giveaway?”; 674. “I know this is rude but beside bags, these are the only cute things I’ve seen from Gucci in my opinion”; 675. “@USER ok I see I need the orange ones to survive”; 676. “They look like they belong in Africa”; 677. “I want those but dey 2 expensive! Better start stelling cande in middle school lol!”; 678. “What price for this in Indian rupees”; 679. “Omg I love these”; 680. “Can I be a model?”; 681. “Dream for me would be to use Gucci”; 682. “@gucci I would buy all three pairs”; 683. “@USER this is where your Gucci flex begins”; 684. “I want in size 40 the white that is winged blue ribbon I buy”. 59

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685. “So pretty cute so amazing wow”; 686. “It was a pleasure to make art for you!”; 687. “Stay in your lane Gucci”; 688. “What is that even supposed to mean”; 689. “Amazing pic! Have a great day”; 690. “you should have @USER model for you”; 691. “I can’t decide that I liked this photo because of composition or place but it is really good”; 692. “Love this. Glad to see you sticking up for the important issues”; 693. “@USER this is so beautiful”; 694. “That’s beautiful. @gucci you never cease to amaze!”; 695. “Boys & Girls ae not the same at all”; 696. “Hey guys! ..this is not offensive.”; 697. “Art ask questions. Up to each of use to find our own answer”; 698. “Hm, yeah I’ll take your fashion advice not you scientific research. Thanks Gucci.”; 699. “Ugh can you not do me like this”; 700. “Gucci isn’t a clothing brand?? Nope. It’s basically like a new CNN.”; 701. “Sooooo, its not about clothes anymore?”; 702. “Im so glad Gucci is taking a stand to this.”; 703. “Hey I’m pretty sure I see @USER in there! hey @gucci why don’t you tag them?”; 704. “Now I don’t care if I lost that Gucci belt @USER. The end is near.”; 705. “Stick to fashion! That’s it! Otherwise, be prepared to lose customers! Know your place, this should not be a platform to voice your views on public!”; 706. “Can someone please explain?”; 707. “Stop sayin that Gucci should stick to fashion! Do u even know what fashion is about? It’s all about telling a message or story.”; 708. “This makes my heart warm”. 24

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Instagram als Erfolgsfaktor für Luxusunternehmen. Social-Media-Marketing eines High-Fashion-Unternehmens
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GUCCI, HighFashion, Instagram, SocialMediaMarketing, Mode, Fashion, Insta, Facebook, Medienresonanzanalyse, Analyse, Luxus
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Anonym, 2019, Instagram als Erfolgsfaktor für Luxusunternehmen. Social-Media-Marketing eines High-Fashion-Unternehmens, München, GRIN Verlag,


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Titel: Instagram als Erfolgsfaktor für Luxusunternehmen. Social-Media-Marketing eines High-Fashion-Unternehmens

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