Chapter summary of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll

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Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland Summary

Chapter 1

At the beginning of the story, Alice is sitting on the riverside. Next to her is her sister, both are very bored, but a few moments later, a rabbit appears and awakens Alice. The narrator describes, that he has white skin and that he wears a long waistcoat. While she observes him, she sees that he has a watch in his waistcoat. He looks at it and says, that he is very late. He disappears through a rabbit-hole and Alice follows him. Alice falls very slowly, because of that she falls asleep. She wakes up after landing on sticks and leaves. She follows the white rabbit again, after she sees, that he is running in front of her.

She runs around a corner, but the rabbit isn´t there anymore. She finds herself in a big hall with a lot of doors, which she tries to open but every door is closed. On a table in the middle oft he room, she finds a small golden key, who only fits in a little door. Alice goes through a small passage with a very small door at the end. Through this door, Alice sees a very nice garden but she can´t fit through the door. She goes back to the first room and finds a bottle. On the bottle, there is a label with the words „drink me“, so Alice drinks it. After drinking the mysterious liquid, Alice is shrinking and has now the right size to pass the door. The only problem is that the door is locked and she is too small to grab the golden key again. Alice is very sad now, but after a few tears, she finds a cake under the table with the words „eat me“ on it, so Alice eats the cake.

Chapter 2

After she eats the cake, Alice grows until she reaches the ceiling. Now she can get the key from the table, but she is too big to go into the nice garden. This situation makes her very sad and she cries until there are enough tears to have a large pool around her, which reaches halfway down the hall.

The rabbit appears, good-dressed, carrying white kid gloves and a fan. Alice asks for help, but the rabbit is scared, he drops the gloves and the fan and runs away. Alice picks the stuff up and fans herself. She asks herself why this day is different and she concludes that she is the other girl, now. She confirmed the thesis by adding that she can´t remember the school stuff she learns.

Alice notices, that she is shrinking while fanning herself. She tries again to enter the door but she doesn´t manage it, so she slips and falls into her pool of tears.

In the pool of tears is a mouse, too. Alice talks about her pets (a dog and a cat). The mouse hates cats and dogs and he promises her to tell why he hates them. They pick other creatures with them and together they swim to the shore.

Chapter 3

All are wet, so they muse about how to get dry. They decided to start a Caucus-race. A Dodo draws a circle and all start running. After the race all are dry, the Dodo says that everyone is a winner, so everyone needs a prize. Alice gives everyone a prize out of her pocket. The mouse gives Alice a thimble.

Then the mouse tells her story but when no one pays attention he becomes angry and so he leaves the group. Alice starts to talk about her cat again and because of that the others leave her too.

Chapter 4

The White rabbit returns and mistakes Alice for his maid. He seeks his fawn and gloves and so he tells Alice to go home and get him gloves and fan.

In his, House is another bottle. On the bottle is as same as on the other, a „drink“ me sign. Alice deliberates but then she drinks it again. Now it makes her so large that she fills the whole room. The rabbit is angry because of the situation. He tries to get through the window but Alice punches him. Pat and Bill the wizard try it, too, but no one makes it. The animals outside try to get her out of the house by throwing rocks at her, which inexplicably transform into cakes when they land in the house. Alice eats one of the cakes, which causes her to shrink to a small size. She wanders off into the forest, where she finds a puppy, but she is forgetting that she is smaller than the puppy. Alice runs away. She starts searching for something to eat and sees a mushroom, where she meets a Caterpillar sitting on a mushroom and smoking a hookah.

Chapter 5

He asks for her name. Alice doesn´t know it because she changes so many times in the last few hours. The Caterpillar tells her it is not so confusing to change. They have a conversation in which the very mellow Caterpillar gives important advice to Alice: she must keep her temper. Alice tells him that she can’t remember things as she used to, so the Caterpillar asks her to repeat ‘You are old, Father William’, which comes out all wrong when she tries.

Alice thinks she ist o small, so the caterpillar advises her to eat a piece of the mushroom. One side will make people grow taller, the other side will make her shrink. Alice decides to grow and she grows until her head and neck rise far above the treetops.

Now Alice has a very long neck and because of her neck a pigeon thinks that Alice is a snake in search of the pigeon's eggs. Alice swears that she is a little girl and eats from the other side oft he mushroom to shrink to her normal size.

In the woods, she finds a house but is too big to enter. She eats from the mushroom again to get the right size.

Chapter 6

Alice stands in front of the house. A footman, who looks like a fish comes out of the forest and knocks on the door. A footman, who looks like a frog opens him. He says, that the Queen invites the Duchess because she wants to play croquet. After that the fish leaves and the frog remains on the ground outside.

Alice opens the door. Inside the house is a big kitchen, a Duchess is nursing a baby there, but the baby cries all the time. Alice sees a cat, who is grinning,and a cook, who is using too many peppers, too. The Duchess tells Alice that the Cat is a Cheshire Cat.

Now the cook gets angry and throws stuff on the nurse. The nurse is angry, too, and nurses the baby cruel. Alice saves the Baby but outside it transforms into a pig. The pig runs into the woods.

Alice sees the Cat, sitting on a tree. The cat points the way to Hatter´s home and to the March Hare´s place, but he warns her that both are mad, including himself and Alice because no one here is normal. While they talk, the Cat appears and disappears a few times. Alice wants to go to the March Hare´s place, but she doesn´t feel good when she arrives. She eats the mushroom again because the house is very tall.

In the woods, she finds a house but is too big to enter. She eats from the mushroom again to get the right size.

Chapter 7

Alice sees a large table set out under a tree in front of the house. The March Hare and the Mad Hatter are having tea at it and a Dormouse is sitting between them, fast asleep. Alice sits down in a chair, although the Hare and Hatter tell her there’s no room. The Hare offers Alice a wine, but she can see tea only. She says, that it isn´t nice to offer some wine when there is no wine. The Hatter says, that it wasn’t very civil of her to sit down uninvited. He adds that Alice needs a Haircut.

He asks her if she knows the day, but Alice doesn´t know. His watch is broken and he thinks that it is two days wrong.

The people in the House are asking a lot of questions but most of the time nobody knows the answer. Alice tells them, that it is time-wasting to ask questions when they can´t become an answer. The Hatter tells Alice that if she were on good terms with him, he would do whatever she liked with the clock. He also says that he has given a concert for the queen and because of that it´s always six o’clock and six o’clock is teatime.

Together they wake up the Dormouse because she should tell a story. Alice interrupts the story and everybody makes rude remarks to her, so she walks away.

In the woods, she sees a tree with a door inside; she enters and comes to the long hallway from the beginning. With the mushroom she´s able to pass the door. Alice goes into a beautiful garden.

Chapter 8

Alice finds three gardeners, together they painting a rose tree. She asks why they are painting the tree red and they answer that the tree was supposed to be a red-rose-tree. They are scared because they say that the Queen will cut off their heads, if she will learn about the error.

The Queen and her procession arrives. There are a lot of soldiers who are shaped like cards, royal children, guests, and the white rabbit. The procession stops in front of Alice and the Queen asks about her identity. Alice introduces herself. She is not in fear, because she thinks that the card soldiers aren´t dangerous. The Queen wants to know the identity of the gardeners. She´s very angry when she sees the roses and demands to arrest them, but they run to Alice for protection. She hides them in a flowerpot.

The soldiers can´t find them and the Queen forgets them because she wants to play croquet with Alice. The rabbit tells Alice, that the Duchess is under a sentence of execution.

Croquet in wonderland is quite crazy. There are hedgehogs instead of balls and the hoops are the card-people, bent over so that their bodies make arches. The mallets are flamingos.

Alice can´t play this type of croquet and the Queen is furious about that.

The Cat appears and Alice talks with her. The King wants to behead the Cat, but he can´t see her body. Alice wants to ask the Duchess about that and when the Queen gets her out of prison, the cat disappears.

Chapter 9

The Duchess is very happy because she walks with Alice now. They start a conversation but soon Alice is annoyed. Suddenly the Queen appears. When Alice and the Queen are back on the croquet pitch, she is so angry that she orders a lot of beheading. In the end, there are only Alice and the royal couple. Because oft hat situation she takes Alice to the mock turtle while the King pardoning all prisoners. They walk to a Gryphon and the Queen wakes him because he should bring Alice to the mock turtle. During their vacation the Gryphon narrates Alice that the Queen never really executes someone.

When they come to the Mock turtle he sits on a rock and is quite sad, but the Gryphon tells Alice that the Mock turtle has no reason to be sad. The Mock turtle tells his story about his former school and his master, an old turtle. During the Story he makes long pauses.

Chapter 10

The Mock Turtle and the Gryphon are talking to Alice about their dances. One of their dance is the „Lobster Quadrille“, it´s a dance with a lobster as a dancing-partner. They show Alice the dance: The Mock turtle is singing and the Gryphon demonstrates his dancing-skills. Alice is a little bit irritated by that.

After the demonstration of the Lobster Quadrille they ask Alice about her story, so Alice talks about her crazy adventures in Wonderland. The Mock Turtle and the Gryphon aren´t interested, so the Gryphon asks the Mock Turtle to sing a song called „Turtle Soup“. During the song a person screams from anywhere: „The trial`s beginning!“, so Alice and the Gryphon flee. The mock turtle stays there singing „Turtle Soup“.

Chapter 11

They are back on the King and Queen´s place. It´s a court square now with the King as a judge and animals as jurors, who look not qualified fort hat kind of job. The knave of hearts is the accused person and in the middle of the square is a delicious cake. Alice is proud of herself because she knows the technical terms from a court square.

The white rabbit holds a pergament in his hands. He reads that the knave of hearts stole the tarts and tells the king that the eyewitnesses should speak.

The eyewitnesses are the mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the Dormouse. During her speech, Alice notices that she´s growing.

The next eyewitness is the cook of the Duchess. She confesses that the tarts are mostly of pepper. The next eyewitness ist he shocked Alice.

Chapter 12

Alice upsets the jury box because she´s too big. It remembers her of a glass of fishes she pushes down a week ago. The King says that the interrogation can´t be continued till all judges are sitting on their place. Alice puts them back to their places and sits down on hers.

The King asks Alice if she knows anything, but she answers that she knows nothing. The Kin thinks this is important but the rabbit corrects him harshly.

The King commands that every person who are more than a mile high should leave the place, so they leave, except Alice. She protests resolute and the King surrenders. The rabbit shows the judge a paper from a prisoner to a person outside. The letter contains verses in a mysterious handwriting. The King thinks it is important to prove the guilty of the knave of hearts and Alice corrects him another time.

She rebels against the strange interrogation. The Queen is very angry and commands to behead Alice. She is now on her normal size, so she says to them that they are nothing but a pack of cards. The whole pack rises up in the air and flies down upon her. Alice screams and wakes up.

She realises that it was a dream and tells her sister the whole story. Alice runs away and her sister dreams the same dream another time. She also dreams about Alice when she is a grown woman. She dreams that Alice will have kids and that she will tell them the story of the Wonderland.


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