Make TechnoChip the Employer of Choice

Hausarbeit, 2006

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1 Introduction

2 Job Satisfaction, turnover rates and commitment to the organization
2.1 Results of the study
2.2 Motivation and Job Satisfaction
2.3 Commitment to the organization
2.4 Employee turnover

3 Increasing Strategies and recommendations

4 Group processes and teamwork in my work group

5 References

1 Introduction

TechnoChip is a nationwide computerfacturing and sales comapany which have to improve several parts within the organisation. Especially the sales division is in focus of a wide change management process. The company has to deal with an increasing competitiv pressure and decreasing job and customer satisfaction.

According to our group decision I would like to figure out the problem of job satisfaction wihtin the company. I also focus on the reduction of turnover especially from the telephone sales reps. My part includes changes mainly based on the Sales Survey Results and deal with both, telephone and on-site reps. I would like to examine the last strategic objective, to make TechnoChip the employer of choice. Therefore I will merge the main results of Sales Survey which are important for my consideration in the second part of this paper. In addition to this I will figure out some interessting theoretical aspects which deal with job satisfaction and motivation in general, prevention of job turnover and commitment to the organization. At the end of this chapter I will explain some strategies to increase the satisfaction of employees and the performance of the division.

In the summary at the end of this paper I will outline the major results.

2 Job Satisfaction, turnover rates and commitment to the organization

This chapter deals with the major results of an internal survey to figure out the main problems. After this I will show some theories which are linked to these problems and give some solution possibilities. Finally I give some spezialised recommendations to reduce the nuisances of this organization.

2.1 Results of the study

I focus on seven points of the survey to identify the major problems: The results in autonomy and participation in decision making are ok and can stay like they are (also there`s always space to increase) The main problems of this organization results from the other points. Nearly 60% of both types of reps were dissatisfied with the promotional opportunities within the organization. The major drawback of this cirumstance is that there are only a few opportunities for vertical promotions. Strongly related to this are the insufficient career guidance and development options. Nearly 70% critized this. Also related to each other are the critics of the coaching system (65% dissatisfied), the insufficient role clarity (75% especially team leaders), and the deficient opportunities for an accurate coaching process by team leaders mainly based on other time consuming duties (100%). Also there`s a too high level of employees, which experienced job-induced tension (45%). Last but not least there`s a high rate of sales reps, which felt insecure about their job (35%).


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Make TechnoChip the Employer of Choice
Southern Connecticut State University
Organisational and Personnel Psychology
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