War of the Sexes Women in the Music Scene

Essay, 2005

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''War of the Sexes ''- Women in the Music-Scene

The so-called ''War of the Sexes'' is a phenomenon you can find in every field of life.

On the one hand it is for example a fight between male and female employees on the other hand maybe the struggle in topical policies.

A further very important field where this kind of war is more obvious than anywhere else is the music-scene.

This money-orientated genre is generally mono-sexual. When you look at the past 20 or 25 years most successful artists were men. And still today when you ask people for their favourite artists of the past they will mention more male than female ones. Actually during the past few years there has happened a change according to this monotone structure but still there is an unbalanced proportion of men and women.

You can't say that women in general are unsuccessful in pop-culture but they are seen as always changeable objects that have to embody the role they are told to do.

''Why can't a female musician just be good or bad? Without pulling all these terms of 'childs-woman or power-woman?''(Plesch)

Of course this male dominance has its reasons. Certain features or occupations and even some kinds of behaviour are typically male or female. The bad thing about that is that most female activities are less worth than male ones. Most men find female occupations embarrasing whereas women don't want to fill in male activities just because of predudices of not being able to manage these requirements. Furthermore women are seen as adorable objects, that have to take care of their optical status.

Just one argument that prooves that thesis: During the last century noone in our society liked, to see a woman playing a violine. It was because this instrument was based under the chin. This position made a woman's face look less attractive.

Also playing a horn or a trumpet made women look silly. They had to blow their cheeks which reduced their attraction. As a result those instruments were mostly played by men.

On the other hand women were allowed to play the piano. Their body was put in a very accurate position and their faces were not ruined .

Furthermore also very talented women were not allowed to perform in bars. Most people thought that this atmosphere seemed to be very close to brothels and sex. And women had to be sexobjects but not sexual. Otherwise nobody could take them as serious artists.

Additionally most women are not encouraged to join or create a band. Generally a band is men's task. The only form of a ''serious'' band, girls take part in, is the so-called ''Girl-Group''. It's the concept that mostly 5 different girls have to personificate 5 different roles. They are not allowed to write their own music and lyrics and when they get too boring or their success minimalizes they split off, try themselves as solo artists, are of course reduced to their former membership in a special girl-group and finally they give up and disappear without any remarkable signs.

On the other hand men have a lot more chances to stay ''alive'' in the music-scene. When they start to deal with music they are very often praised as great talented musicians and fabulous songwriters.

As a result their music seems to be more worth. This way girls often lose their faith in music because they are just reduced to being a fan or to puberty-related adoring.

This behaviour paves the way for a manifested mono-structured music-business we have been and still are confronted with.

That's very obvious in the canon, that even exists in the music-scene. The most important bands still are The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. You can't find any female band that remains constantly on stage. Most of them are forgotten today.

But nevertheless there are female bands which are provocative, very critical and self-confident.


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War of the Sexes Women in the Music Scene
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