Sustainability in Theory and Practice. Shell Company

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- Sustainability is described as a process that helps to meet present needs without sacrificing future capacity to meet needs and demands(Boron, etal, 2017)
- This is based on of three pillars defined as environmental, economic and social which are known as planet, profits and people.
- This presentation reveals the implication of the sustainability and alignment of the business with the social benefits.
- The implication of the sustainability and business CSR in context with Shell Company has been taken into consideration.

Shell Global – Mission, Vision and Strategies

- To Shell, sustainability means responsibly providing better and efficient energy solutions
- Sustainable development was added to its Company Profile in 1997. Since then Shell worked towards implanting core values like honesty, integrity and respect to people along with code of conduct for the communities they operate. This is aligned to their strategy, business processes and decision-making.


According to (Shell Sustainability Report,2019), below are the levels at which Sustainability needed to be integrated across business:

- In operations: by organizing a harmless, effectual, reliable and lucrative business
- For customers: by serving a more sustainable energy future
- With communities and wider society: producing a progressive impact

At International Level – Achievement & Contribution

- Towards the United nations sustainable development goals, aimed at addressing the global social, economic and environmental problems by 2030.
- Respect for human rights, as set out in the UN declaration of human rights and the main conventions of the International Labor Organization.
- Founding member of the UN Global Compact and aims at several external voluntary codes that promote responsible business practices.
- Complies entirely with the goal of the Paris Agreement to sustain this century's ever-increasing global average temperature under two degrees compared to pre - industrial rates, and to seek efforts to further restrict the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius.


- The main aim of audit is to know whether organisation is practising sustainability at marketplace and applies best practices as well as condenses for conserving resources, giving back and engaging employees and other.
- Also to increase sustainability by 10% in next three years, and to reduce the greenhouse gas emission of its product by 50% and 20% in 2050 and 2035, respectively.
- Audit program is done to align Shell with corporate social development.

Objective of audit

- To measure the Environmental, social and Government sustainability impacts caused by organisation everyday activities
- To evaluate if the organisation performance in line with the Paris Agreement of 2015
- To improve any process within the organisation that will result in improvement and reduced risk
- To identify and measure the area of sustainability Shell lacks by comparing the KPIs with other organisation
- To understand the practices and challenges faced by Shell in implementing sustainability

Alignment of sustainability by Shell and examples from other organisations as comparison

- According to Ben Van Beuran(CEO), sustainability comprise of three things: sustainable energy future (environmental), contribution to society (social) and responsible business(governance).
- It is very important for Shell to follow sustainability and use resources in optimal manner so that business can raise their value and goodwill at marketplace.
- It is essential for Shell to manage sustainability and value their business at competitive market.
- SHV Energy indulged in carbon disclosure reporting practice which indulged in undertaking the work program. (SHV Energy, 2019)
- There are different ways which should be used to manage and value sustainability by respective organisation:

1. Undertaking the Green model Investigation into one imperative pollutant corporation for reducing the negative impact of emerging chemicals.
2. Shell indulged in TBI, replanting Shell to align the interest of the social public and environment with the organisational development.
3. Implemented plethora of set frameworks in reporting and describing corporate sustainability.

Below are the performance indicators of environmental, social and safety data of Shell since the past 5 years

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Below are the performance indicators of environmental, social and safety data of Shell since the past 5 years

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Sustainability in Theory and Practice. Shell Company
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