The Heineken Company Lager Beer. Operation and Supply Management

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Table of Contents

1. Introduce the product

2. Describe the operation/ processes involved in producing the product

3. Using a diagram, illustrate and explain the supply chain

4. Explanation of the different organisations involved in the supply chain

5. Critically evaluate the product’s operations management using relevant concepts, theories and frameworks

6. Identify what is effective and ineffective in the product’s operations processes

7. Recommendations for improvement siting practical examples


1. Introduce the product

Heineken was founded in 1864 when he was 22 years old Gerard Adriaan Heinekenn bought a brewery known as De Hooiberg in Amsterdam. In the year 1869 Heineken was switched to use of bottommost agitating burgeon. The produce elected is Heineken Lager Beer. It is infused individual with sanitised water malted barley, trips and significantly Heineken A mould which copyrighted yeast tension settled by H Elion in the year 1886 (theheinekencompany, 2019). The products that are made have been eventually needed for vibrant brewing city as well as prohibition which have been around 78 breweries as well as nearly 50 of which were in Brooklyn. The product has been seemed to be certain as this are needed for home brew beer in different countries (theheinekencompany, 2019).

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Figure 1: Heineken Lager Beer

(Source: theheinekencompany, 2019)

The large bottle of Heineken Lager Beer consist of 250 ml bottle and cans 24 bottles per carton with 26 pallets per 40’FCL 91 cartons*24 cans ml/pallet. The company supply high quality original Heineken Lager Beer (theheinekencompany, 2019). Heineken Lager Beer has been supply and whole sellers of Holland Origin Heineken Beer. The bottle as well as product is of high quality which helps in dealing with affordable price. It is packed in dry containers for delivering the product in different needs.

2. Describe the operation/ processes involved in producing the product

Heineken Lager Beer is made by involvement of certain process as this helps in engaging of various requirement as well as the basic necessities of organisation can deal with it. Beer are more just water, hops, malt as well as yeast (theheinekencompany, 2019). The process of various ingredients has been involved as this is required for bestowing such niceties as this is required for handing out as well as from time to time the congress of raw ingredients is transformed.

- Malting

The first stage in manufacture of beer is malting. At first barley get saturated cutting-edge marine and place it in sprouting box for propagation. As stated by Donadini et al. (2017), during this time enzymes are formed as well as it is needed for starch separation for resonant out such supplies in as forward-thinking ways.

- Milling

The brewing process is milling. The ended malt remains pulverized, alike toward manufacture of dust, as it softens better in aquatic. Malt grinders harvest numerous results of crumpled malt, shells, residues as well as influence.

- Mashing

The preparing procedure is pounding. The crushed malt is varied with aquatic in mash ton crushing in. The thickener is tannin, grist softens and sugar, protein remains unconfined (Mannina et al. 2016). The so called malt extract is fashioned by squashing development.

- Lautering

The manufacture of beer is lautering. The purée is drinkable is lauter tun as it shells sink and wort is detached from solid material. The wort is then additional used in preparing procedure while the spent scraps are commonly used as cattle hay in an effective ways.

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Figure 2: Processes involved in producing the product

(Source: Piacentini et al. 2017)

- Wort boiling

The preparing pot or work the wort has simmered and flight are additional. It is also tasted which is contingent on categories and quantity of flights used. Aquatic vanishes the wort is focused to unique wort (Piacentini et al. 2017). This is also focused to unique wort, the malt enzymes are counteracted and tannin and protein basics are detached obtainable toward method then so named trub.

- Wort Clarification

The preparing procedure is wort explanation or sketch off. The wort is nourished hooked on vortex ad start to alternate. Hop atoms that have not melted as well as protein the called trub. The middle of ampule is clear wort which has been appointed off at flanks (Barlow et al. 2018). It is also clear with cool wort which has been careful in between 10 to 20 degree Celsius in wort cool box.

- Fermentation

The beer creation procedure is intoxicating fermentation. It takes place in fermentations tank wherever convinced singular preparing yeast could be measured by as long as them detailed requirements as well as malt sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide (Giacalone et al. 2015). Contingent upon on types of yeast as well as wort groundwork which is used a top or bottommost agitated beer in fashioned.

- Storage

The manufacture is storing as well as new beer is stowed with whatever which is wanted for three weeks to three months (Li et al. 2019). It has been stowage in between 1 to 2 Celsius. The fermentation has been become by substituting outstanding yeast subdivisions as well as protein tannin sink to lowest.

- Filtration

The preparing route is filtration. In this route material are still reaming after fermentations and before taken for additional separation as well (Capece et al. 2018). In such mould subdivisions, hop resin and protein as well as removed with beer gets its final clear insignia.

- Filling

The making process is substantial. Bottled beer and cans are occupied from filling places. The beer is filled by prosecuting pawn heaviness as well as it also helps in averting any carbon dioxide from absconding. From brewery barrels are directly filled.

3. Using a diagram, illustrate and explain the supply chain

Heineken is one the biggest company in beer. The supply chain management helps in dealing with the activities that are required to plan as well as control for execute of product’s flow as well as acquiring raw materials as well as production. In accordance to Piacentini et al. (2015), it also helps in dealing with distribution to final customers which are needed streamlined as well as cost effective way possible. The grains and hops are transported to brewery through trucks as well as which are needed. The cans and bottles are transported through trucks by cargo ships which depending on where they come from they can be considering as well as making it worthy in better ways (Ditrych et al. 2016). The first process is getting raw materials. Heineken has farms which supply raw materials which a machine picks grains and hops. The breweries the beer is transported worldwide to Heineken’s distributors.

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Figure 3: Supply Chain management

(Source: Ditrych et al. 2016)

The grains and hops are transferred to factory by delivery of trucks in an advanced ways. The factory the grain and hops are synthesized are getting ready for brewing. The company has been providing the better management system which are needed to be considered as well as the production house deals with raw materials that has been supplied. As stated by Gordon et al. (2017), the company helps in dealing by using can from tiers as well as recycling centres. Heineken large beer products are dealing with their farmers as well as distributors. The beers are stored in call as well in cool place which will help in restoring beers. The stores are obviously with new responsible to sell the products to consumers finally (Medoro et al. 2016). This has also been focusing over certain changing factors which are needed for managing supply chain management.

The beer production can be raised as this can be considered by presenting it in better ways. In supply chain management helps in temperature and vehicles movement by using telematics with efficient of pre trips as well as Post Trip Controls. They have also been focusing over certain criteria which are needed for making it solution for across the most varied of matters (Michel et al. 2016). The employees has been focusing over certain criteria and they are enforced the brewery warehouse. The quality and quantitate services are available in various countries. The delivery of goods are needed for consuming certain which are needed in making them utilised in an effective ways. It has been identified that the better evaluation can be by making them utilised in a real habits. The brewery industry faces is choosing the best way as this is needed for seeing such ways as this might be careful in a real ways.

4. Explanation of the different organisations involved in the supply chain

Heineken has its own production as well as supply chain management can deal accordingly. The Heineken has been provided to their evaluation can be considered as this can be making it worthy which can be considering in belter manner. As stated by Gómez et al. (2017), the supply chain management can leads in analysing such needs of organisation can be managed. Heineken by aligning the marketing as well as sales organisation behind a winning brand portfolio as well as streamlining support and supply chain management can be done. The organisation has global supply chain management as these deals in making it worthy as well as the better evaluation can be done.

Heineken has its own supply chain management which could be considering with better supply chain management. Heineken is an international beverage company by leading developer as well as marketers of premium beers as well as cider brands. The international as well as regional are considering with the local as well as speciality beers and ciders (Hart, 2018). It has been long term make asset controlled auctions implementation and absorbed cost organisation. It has also employed around 160 breweries all around in 70 countries.

The company has its own farm land from it raw materials are collected and transported to production for manufacturing of beer. The manufactured beer are transferred to their necessities could be gathered in an effective ways. As stated by Martínez et al. (2017), the management could be done as this helps in utilising such needs could be considering as well as the production could be done. The transportation of raw materials as well as the basic needs of company could be focused on.

The raw materials have been selected as well as basic functioning could be done. The raw materials are selected for providing the better management. The better evaluations which are needed which helps in making it considering the ways for production could be done as well as better functioning can be making it worthy. As stated by Li et al. (2018), the purchasing and finance GBS organisation could be necessary as well as GBS comprises with key pillars. Career spanning and general management roles by is providing such needs for corporate as well as redesigned by aligning the marketing. The marketing as well as the better functioning could be making which can be worthy such functioning could be making their such requirement can be required for presenting it to customers end.

5. Critically evaluate the product’s operations management using relevant concepts, theories and frameworks

The product’s operation management using helps in providing better management can be done. The production could be gained as this helps in making such needs for making it utilised in an effective ways. The operation management theory are involved with involves in certain responsibilities that helps in ensuring business as well as helps in operating efficiently deals with least resources as well as meeting customer’s requirements to highest standrads economically viable. The operation consists of jobs of tasks composed one or more elements or subtasks as well as performed typically in one of locations. In accordance to Gahr et al. (2018), the operation management is design, improvements as well as transformation processes that help in creating by converting inputs raw materials. The operation management in organisation in dealing with supply chain management.

The Beer Distribution Game is managing could be industrialized at such functioning could be done. The supply chain organization contributors have to reduce costs by handling inventory levels in manufacture delivery cable. As stated by Maye et al. (2016), the local incomplete global evidences are about record levels and instructions. It is also a retailer knows real end customers demand. Stock costs are twofold as tall as list carrying prices. The inventory cost variations and fluctuations take home in SC. When live willing is frolicked dissimilar people without the similar construction like results are produced. The buyers and distortion propagates upstream in an amplified form is called forester effects. Unproductive use of resources such work and conveyance due to fact whether properties prearranged built on typical directive customary by talent or based on thoroughgoing order.

Reshaping a source chain is to control the organisation that parts of company misappropriated for each specific source chain associate meaningful that firm competences. Efforts are limited as well as associates are serious to accomplishment of corporation and stock chain. In accordance to Wannenmacher et al. (2018), distinct benefits is due managerial consideration and possessions. Efficacious SCM necessitates for vicissitudes from handling separate business procedures within an organisation to assimilating actions over government into key supply chain procedures. Several designing strategies to facilitate redesign and re allocate and eliminate non values adding activities.


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Excellent research covered all aspects required in terms to operation and final delivery of the product.Specific comments on your work(including guidelines on improvement) The student has explained the chosen supply chain with relevant details and clear diagrammatic representation. The organizations involved , the means of communication and their criticality to the chain has been explained well with apt illustrations. The operations management concepts, theories and frameworks have been used and linked to the chosen supply chain with moderate clarity to explain how customer demand is met.
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