Principles of Economics - A brief country report

Ökonomische Länderanalyse bzgl. einer Produktionsverlagerung (English-Version)

Scientific Study, 2008

6 Pages, Grade: 1,3


A short report on the question:

Is it worth it to move some of our production in the US to our target country Germany?

Dear Sir and Madam,

To approach with the interrogation if it’s worth it to move some of our production to our target country Germany I will give you a brief overview about the macroeconomic situation and conditions in Germany as well as a comparison between these two countries concerning macroeconomic advantages.

Overview about the macroeconomic situation and conditions in Germany:

Absolutely, Germany is an interesting and important country. And that in political as well as economic concerns. According to the CIA World Factbook[1] Germany is the fifth largest economy in the world (if you bring up the ranking for “Nominal GDP” it is even the third largest economy in the world) and therefore Germany is the most powerful and biggest economy in Europe. Their affluent and technologically powerful economy is matchless in the European Union. The latest GDP is measured about 2.833 trillion USD[2]. To imagine how powerful this virtue really is I will insert a graphic from the OECD[3] below.

Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten

[Graphic above shows the GDP. Values are given in billion US dollars, with current prices and PPPs and from 2006 or the latest available year][4]

So it is out of question that Germany is a country we have to focus on while we are concentrating on intercontinental macroeconomic activity. Anyway Germany is one of our most important trading partner in the world and that gets me to another very important point we have to overview: The exports and imports in our target country Germany.


[1] The CIA World Factbook is an annual publication of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America with almanac-style information about the countries of the world.

[2] CIA World Factbook, Resource:

[3] The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organisation of thirty countries, that accept the principles of representative democracy and free market economy.

[4] Graphic Resource:

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Principles of Economics - A brief country report
Ökonomische Länderanalyse bzgl. einer Produktionsverlagerung (English-Version)
Wirtschaftswissenschaften - Makroökonomie
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Simuliert wird die Situation, dass man als wirtschaftlicher Berater für ein Unternehmen arbeitet. Es wird über eine Produktionsverlagerung nachgedacht und bzgl. dieses Unterfangens soll ein kurzer aber aussagekräfiger Bericht verfasst werden. Es sollen gesamtwirtschaftliche Bedingungen im Zielland ausgearbeitet und mit der Produktionsheimat verglichen werden.
Principles, Economics, Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Makroökonomie
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Title: Principles of Economics - A brief country report

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