South Korea as a Middle Power. Myth or Reality?

Term Paper, 2019

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This paper answers the question how South Korea’s possession of “middle power” status should be evaluated. The paper answers this question and shows how South Korea can be considered as emerging Middle Power.

Middle Power Countries should be middle position in the terms of military capability, Population, economy. Geographical Location and quality of Diplomacy in order to maintain global world and they offer solution in international problems. South Korean is the first non G7 and non western country who led the G20 leader’s summit in 2010. In the survey of 2018 showed that South Korea has 12th largest GDP among 205 countries. South Korea’s military power also holds top 10 ranked in the world. The world’s ninth-largest trading country with more than 60 percent of its domestic economy dependent on trade ranking it sixth in the world. Though some researchers are believe that its state Affairs has not matched its middle power status.


South Korea as a Middle Power. Myth or Reality?
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Faria Nusrat (Author), 2019, South Korea as a Middle Power. Myth or Reality?, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: South Korea as a Middle Power. Myth or Reality?

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