E-learning as a Tool of Contemporary Learning. A Brief Overview of Advantages and Disadvantages

Academic Paper, 2021

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Since ancient times, education has been a key factor in the evolution and progress of human society. From the great philosophers of antiquity who shared their knowledge with their disciples in the vast outdoors classrooms through oratorical speeches, from the writings on the clay tablets and writings on the parchments, then in the Middle Ages when the printing houses appeared and learning began from books, is reached as the curent time in the age of computers to E-learning. The educational process has undergone over time transformations and improvements as it is natural to be and the present essay is intended to be a demonstration of the importance of E-learning in the digital age in wich contemporary society lives. E-learning is a new way of teaching specially for the global Covid - 19 pandemic situation following the online lectures of courses, it can be observed that this method including positive and negative aspects. This essay will discuss the advantages and desadvantages of E-learning because it is important to analyse all sides of this educational system and environment also for students and learning providers.


Efficiency is one of the most important advantage in E-learning because it is an easy and accessible way to send and receive lessons, using videos and sharing the sources links, serving assignments tests just by clicking one button. Accessing on-line sources leads to a good time management compared with the traditional classroom learning and taking notices. Also is an effective way of learning helping students in developing their skills in an easy way by practice (Clarke, 2004).

Affordability it is another big advantage of E-learning. Comparing with the physical learning, E-learning it is more affordable because is it not necessary to allocate time and money by going to the university courses every day. Also the costs are substantial reduced for buying books and courses published for study because all of this materials can be purchased online for free. It is a viable alternative to costly printing textbooks and online academic library, always gives access to information sources.Also for distance universities the costs are low and the applied budget is significantly reduced. (Rumble, 1997)

Increased access and reach is another big advantage of E-learning. The reason of this ad advantage is given by the fact that it is a viable alternative from any place you are with your device comparing with the physical learning when you have to be in the classroom. Here are included many categories of students :students with parental responsibility, military students, rural students, students with disabilities or adults with jobs ( Renes, 2015). By increased access this kind of persons who has this circumstances of life that cannot be changed or responsibilities that cannot be ignored it gives them the opportunity to study and graduate the higher education.

Now let approach the disadvantages that could be found in E-learning. One possible disadvantage can be : focus deficit on the lessons. Online learners sometimes can lose interest when they are in long virtual lectures ( Mountney, 2009). The students can be easily distracted by stimuli in the environment if they do not have a self paced environment. It is very important to have a quiet place or office where the student can follow the process of online lessons.

The technology issue can be without doubt a disadvantage of E-learning. In some parts of the world the rates of computers are still far from a perfect situation. Are a lot of countries with very low income for living. The online education is not easily access E-learning for all people from this geographical area. In the world is still a large gap in computer literacy and until this such gaps in society exist the online education will not be able to reach all citizens. Should be appreciated like an another very important aspect wich may be taken in consideration than not all persons can access the E-learning due to the lack of infrastructure, technologies, wireless, network and Internet for both : teachers and students. This means electronic learning it is a term with many contexts. The poor Internet connection and lack of digital accessibility devices are still impeding the E-learning, specially in the pandemic situation in the world ( Eloksari, 2020).

Lack of social interaction it one of the most important disadvantage in E-learning. The use of technologies has continued to develop rapidly and evolve. All these successive transformations lead to one phenomenon : the physical connection between learners and learning providers start to become less important. Internet development and technological advancement, the currently available delivery mechanism of E-learning programmes had the effect of the shortage of the interaction, collaboration and dialogue between persons in communities almost entering into a self isolation. As humans, social interaction is essential to every aspect of the health, the emotional and physical health. Social learning describes and explains how to use the affective learning, why and what matters to be observed in society and how to use the affective social learning for transmission of the values ( Dukes and Clement, 2019).


I can honestly say, my experience using online networking and Internet has been a positive one. I managed to make a promotional website for my company on my own and I learned a lot about marketing and advertising and entrepreneurship. In the online environment is constantly appearing the latest tools, applications, services and strategies and every day you learn something new. Promoting my online business has led to increased visibility and fast results wich has been amazing for me. I managed to create an extremely simple and accessible blog for everyone where I shared my experience in the field and had an excellent impact on the public. Over the years through the online platforms I have often advertised and posted news. I remember in the online environment I build very fast a community and I gathered a very large number of visits to my site. The reality is the most business and commercial transactions are done online and very often I had the pleasure to meet old customers who called me again. In fact even in my free time, thanks to the online platforms, I managed to read books, listen music, watch movies and read journals. Now in the first year of studying the course I use the E-learning as well and all the preparations for the assessment are based on the online searches. So, in the end, the online environment for me is a constantly and evolving experience.


In my opinion, in this essay, I tried to explain and to make a realistic analysis of E-learning, one of the most familiar way of education of our days, one method which involves the use of digital tools for teaching and learning and it makes use all technological instruments to enable learners study anytime and anywhere. In the digital age, all the sources and informations you need to deeper your knowledge are accessible using the engines on the Internet. It is important how you filter them by putting into practice the critical and analytical personal way . The selection of the informations leads through practice to the development of studies skills, reaching the performance of elaborating valuable results in different fields. In all the difficult conjuncture of the global economic situation through the focused work on the established objective, a student can succeed and find adaptable solutions using E-learning and he can do important things for his peers. In my point of view it is a path to progress for the whole society. Education has always been the basis of the evolution in the world . Now, more than ever we have the levers that improve from one hour to the next and this thing it is a strong motivation for the students to acquire the most developed knowledge in the specializations they have choosen with the easy access to the information. With all the advantages and disadvantages, E-learning is the irreversible path of the future. The next generations will deeper their knowledge even more than today by having these tools that are constantly being improved and their achievements will be brilliant for humanity and will certainly leave the valuable traces on the universal history.


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E-learning as a Tool of Contemporary Learning. A Brief Overview of Advantages and Disadvantages
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