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Miss REEBA MARIYAM CHERIAN holds MSW, M.PHIL and UGC NET. She has five years of professional experience as a social worker and currently working as a Family Counselor
in Huda Trust Hospital, Family Counseling Centre, Haripad, Kerala.Earlier she was working as Office Administrator at Vision In Social Arena, Mira Road, Mumbai. The interested areas of her research are- Disability studies, study of street children, Transgender studies, social exclusion etc.

UMER JAN SOFI has an M.A and M.Phil in Sociology and is currently pursuing his Phd. He is also engaged as a Research Associate in an ICSSR project in School of Social Work, IGNOU, New Delhi. He has been awarded Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) by University Grants Commission, New Delhi (in 2013) for conducting research. He has also been provided a doctoral fellowship by IGNOU, New Delhi in 2012, for pursuing Phd. He is actively engaged in Research and has got widly published on various issues in different Journals. His interested areas of research are- Social exclusion of Marginalised sections, Gender studies, Developmental studies, Tribal studies, Socialchange etc.


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