MSc. Microbiology Paul Waithaka


Paul Njenga Waithaka was born in Elburgon in Nakuru County in Kenya. He went to Mianzini Primary school (1985-1992) and later proceeded to Michinda secondary school (1993-1996). In the year 1999 he was enrolled for a diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension in Egerton university (1999-2004). He later proceeded to obtaining his bachelors degree (BOTA/ZOOL/CHEM) in the same University (2005-2007). In the year 2011, he joined Kenyatta University for his MSc. majoring in microbiology which he successfully completed in July 2004. He has worked as a teacher in several schools including Michinda secondary school, Blessed valley education centre and St. Joseph's secondary schools. In addition, Paul is a renowned lecturer in several Universities in Kenya where he lectures General microbiology, Microbial physiology, protozoology, helminthology, biotechnology, mycology, virology, bioinformatics and pathogenic microbiology.


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Institution / College Kenyatta University
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