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Ts.Dr. Mohd Farizul Mat Ghani his a Professional Technologist. The title of P. Tech or Ts. is protected across Malaysia by copyright law, and specifically in certain jurisdictions by provincial law. The P. Tech designation came into place to align Technologists . Technologists can perform the functions of a Information Technology, Engineer or Scientist. He also has a M.Sc. degrees in Information Technology from Malaysia University of Science and Technology(MUST), Malaysia. He has Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics at Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) and PhD Scholar from Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE). He is currently a senior IT Specialist at the Information Technology Department in Marang District Council, Malaysia. His current research interests include: Technology Architecture and Integration, Digital Image Processing, Digital Image Forensic, Image Retrieval, Information Security, and Artificial Neural Networks. His research work has been published in several international journals and conference publications.

Specialties: Information Technology & Information Security.

- Technology Architecture and Integration.
- Problem Solving & Process Improvement.
- Extensive knowledge of IT Operations.
- Strong technical knowledge in various IT platforms and software.
- Solid understanding and application of Risk management and Information Security compliance.
- Excellent understanding of International standards and best practices: ISO 27001, COBIT 5, ITIL.
- Strong knowledge of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management.
- Effective communication & presentation skills
- Proven project management record on timely delivery, effective cost control, high quality
deliverable and meeting stakeholder's expectations.
- Possessed multi-tasking abilities in various fields.
- Proficient in project management and project management office governance, processes and

Current research field of interests:
1. ICT Security Policy System
2. Modeling, Control and Optimizing complex nonlinear systems using intelligent techniques such
as Neural Networks, Fuzzy logic and Genetic Algorithm

About Me

I am Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics at Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST).


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