Dr. Sanjay Tupe


1. Name
Dr. Sanjay N. Tupe
2. Educational Qualifications
M.A (Econ), LLB, M. Phil, PhD (Economics and Finance) IIT, Mumbai, India in 2009
Post Doctorate Fellow in Economics of OUCIP, Osmania University, Hyderabad (Funded by American Consulate Hyderabad.
3. International Research Experience
Working as reviewer for the International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance (ISSN: 2010-023X) publishes from Singapore.
4. Countries Visited
Germany, Austria, Holland for research paper presentation in international conferences.
5. Academic, Research & Administrative Experience
Presently working as Associate professor (due for professor) & Head, Department of Banking and Finance at B.Y.K. College of commerce, Nashik-5.
6. Publications/ Presentations in National and International Journals and Conferences
50 presentations given including invited talks and worked as session in charge in the field of Finance, Economics, Agricultural economics, energy economics, economic reforms and its impact, productivity improvement, Educational quality enhancement, environmental protection, etc.
15 Policy oriented research papers published in Peer review journals and Magazines, 25 articles published in Newspapers.
7. Research Guidance
Post graduate recognized teacher and PhD Supervisor in the subjects: Economics, Banking, Finance and Management.
8. Area of Research interest -Infrastructure Financing, Issues in Economic Reforms and Sectoral Reforms, Energy security, International Trade, Issues in Banking and Financial Institutions
10. Academic and Professional Expertise offered/ Life member of academic bodies
Worked as reviewers for various journals and examiner for selecting award
1. The All India Marathi Arhtshastra Parishad Mumbai
2. Indian Economic Association
3. The Indian Econometric Society
4. Think line
11. Awards and Recognition
1. Teacher Fellowship Awarded for the Period (2003-2005) by U.G.C for pursuing Ph. D.
2. Secured First Rank in Post Graduate Diploma in Capital Market Management in Pune University.
3. Award Rs. 4000/- for best research paper published in refereed journal awarded by Marathi Arhtshastra Parishad, Pune in 2011.

About Me

Working as associate professor and Dept. of Banking and Finance. I have more than 25 years of teaching experience to UG and PG students. Visited Germany and Netherlands for research paper publication. Post Doc Fellow.


Employed at
Head, Dept. of Banking and Finance, B. Y. K. College of Commerce Nashik-5
Author since
I am looking for
Professorship in Economics and Post for one year
I have to offer
Acquited with SPSS, STATA, Evicew
Highest degree
Post Doc and Phd
International and national economic issues, Economic reforms and Its impact

Texts (1)

eBooks 1
Institution / College Dr. Sanjay N. Tupe Associate Professor Head, Dept. of Banking and Finance B. Y. K. College of Commerce Nashik-5
Employed at Head, Dept. of Banking and Finance, B. Y. K. College of Commerce Nashik-5
Profession LECTURER
Author since 1/23/2015

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