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Wayi E. Mico is a pastor /chaplain who was born in Bambili of the Northwest region of Cameroon. He is a lover of great works in theology and the arts in general. Wayi has studied theology in the PTS, Kumba, UKZN, South Africa and currently in Switzerland doing inter-religious studies and Ecumenism at the graduate level. He is a a pastor with a reformed background serving in the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC The author grew up with the believe that there is something in all irrespective of whether it is appreciated now or later. The only thing that may keep one running away from sharing ideas is the fear of being criticized. for him, all objective knowledge today passed through a primary process of subjectivity first.
He is a prolific writer of many works that have not been published or are on the way to be published. Wayi is Married and is a father.


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Author: Rev Emmanuel Wayi (Mico)

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