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Col (R) Thimi Hudhra, PhD

Thimi Hudhra is a retired colonel of Albanian Armed Forces serving for more than 30 years in the defence institution. His last positions were the Chief of the Centre for Defence Analyses of Albanian TRADOC, and the Dep/Director of the Centre for Strategic Security and Defence Studies, Tirana.
For the last 20 years he has worked as a specialist in foreign relations in Albanian MOD, then the Branch Chief in the Integration Department, and Plans and Policy Director (J5) in General Staff, especially with a focus on reform and long term planning. He has also been for several years the Defence Advisor to the Prime-Minister of Albania.
He was for almost a decade one of the team members for negotiations in PARP and MAP process, leading to Albanian integration in NATO in April 2009. He has also been member of the working groups for the development of the National Security Strategy, Military Strategy, Long Term Development Plan (LTDP-2007), and he was a member of working groups of 3 Strategic Defence Reviews (SDR) conducted in Albania in 2001, 2006 and 2011-2013.
His research experience is largely focused on strategic planning, defence and policy planning in the MOD, international relations and NATO integration. Colonel ® Thimi Hudhra is a lecturer of the High Course on Security and Defence, Senior Officer Course and other courses of the Defence Academy. He has published many articles in the Albanian Military Review, a research focused review in AAF, and in other foreign research magazines.
He is a candidate for a doctoral degree in the Academy of Defence of Albania focused on “Defence Planning of the Republic of Albania as a NATO Allied Country”.
Thimi Hudhra is married with Mrs. Enkela Xhamaj, and he has two sons, Valentin and Daniel. He knows very well English, French and Italian.


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