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Michelangelo Balicco holds a dual Executive Master from ESADE Business school and SDA Bocconi in Marketing & Sales and he is currently heading the International Operations at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milano. Originally from Italy, Michelangelo is an international education specialist with extensive experience in managing international programs and student recruitment at undergraduate, graduate and MBA Level. Over these 14 years he has produced consistently high international student intake numbers due to efficient and market-driven recruitment efforts, sound strategic planning, and a focus on customer service. He has been able to build effective collaborations with international education providers and he currently manages more than 60 agents worldwide. Previously, Michelangelo served as International Recruiter Manager at Politecnico di Milano where he achieved measurable results by increasing the number of international students enrolled. Michelangelo is a frequent guest speaker at EAIE and NAFSA Conferences and at workshops focusing on marketing and recruitment strategy


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