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Medicine is an ever-changing field I believe to be my vocation.For as long as I can remember, I have always felt a particular satisfaction when it comes to helping people. I was born in Mombasa, Kenya. I completed my undergraduate degree from University of Nairobi. After graduating, I worked in a Government hospital in Mombasa.This does not come easy with a resource limited Centre, but the highlight of it is when the patient gets well and thank you for helping them. This gives me the driving force to work even harder in my field of work. In 2010 I got a scholarship to do Postgraduate degree in UK, I also managed to do Advance Diploma in HIV/Aids and Medical Law.
Away from physical activities, keeping the mind exercised is important. I regularly swim and play football, winning several team tournaments. Playing chess has improved my power of concentration.
I am hard working and compassionate, but more than anything I am utterly committed to a career in medicine. I understand that this is a career with many demands, both emotional and physical, but I know that I possess the energy, determination and stamina to withstand these difficulties and to become a useful member of the medical profession.

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MBchB(Kenya), MD(UK),Adv-Dip HIV(UK)


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swimming, football

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