How Effective Leadership Correlates to High Performance

Akademische Arbeit, 2021

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This monography aimed to investigate school leadership's Prerogative on learner performance at School in the remote areas in the Omuthiya circuit. The problem was that the school’s day-to-day running is vested in the principal. Curriculum implementation at the school level is monitored, supervised, and evaluated by the principal. The principal may adopt different leadership styles to undertake these duties. In turn, these activities' success or failure may affect the school's functioning, hence the student's performance in national examinations. Therefore, it is necessary to establish whether there is a clear link between the principal's leadership and the students' Performance. The research questions were: What are the instructional leadership roles that can cause poor Performance on learners? What are the principal instructional leadership management strategies that enhance learners' Performance? What are the challenges facing principals during the school leadership at the workplace? What is it that can be done to improve the principals' leadership and enhance students' performance?

This was a mixed approach that combined both the qualitative approach done through the interviewing process. The analysis was executed by deploying NVivo Software. The quantitative approach was made through the deployment of the questionnaire as a collection data gathering instrument. The analysis was executed by deploying SPSS Software and Statistica. The key finding was that the following constructs were identified as ones that need improvement in practical approaches in facilitating effective performance. The emotional intelligence, e-learning, stability and control, participation and openness all had a maximum of four which denotes that the ratings were terrible.


How Effective Leadership Correlates to High Performance
Midlands State University
Masters in Education
Masters Degree
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effective, leadership, correlates, high, performance
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David Rewayi Mpunwa (Autor:in)Emilia Joseph (Autor:in), 2021, How Effective Leadership Correlates to High Performance, München, GRIN Verlag,


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Titel: How Effective Leadership Correlates to High Performance

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