Ambient advertising - an intrusion of consumers private sphere?

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2008

15 Pages, Grade: 1,1


Table of Contents

1. Abstract
1.1. Purpose
1.2. Limitations and Suggestion for further Research

2. Introduction

3. Case Study
3.1. Creative Brief

4. Literature Review
4.1. Ambient Review
4.2. Issues in Ambient Advertising

5. Discussion: Intruding Private Sphere

6. Conclusion

7. References

8. Appendix

Table of Figures

1. Figure 1: Blood Bath

2. Figure 2: Ambient Impact

3. Figure 3: Ambient Framework

4. Figure 4: Kill Bill

1. Abstract

1.1. Purpose

This report investigates the issue of ambient advertising campaigns, which interfere with the private sphere of consumers. The author will discuss benefits and downsides of ambient advertising in regard to the issue mentioned above in relation to a specific campaign. For this matter the author selected a recent campaign which took place in Germany.

1.2. Limitations and Suggestion for further Research

Unfortunately the author was not able to gather information regarding the impact of the case study campaign, how the exposed audience responded and whether there have been complaints, PR releases in relation to offensiveness or similar. This is due to the fact that the agency responsible for the campaign did not agree on further co- operation after providing the creative brief. For further research the author suggests to investigate the issue with a stronger focus on consumers’ perceptions.

2. Introduction

“The problem with ambient media truly is that it could be the death of advertising.” (Tim Ponderelli in Krautsack & Aust, 2006)

According to Bell (2008) it is said the average consumer is exposed to over 3000 ads a day. Ambient advertising plays a big role in this figure. Since advertising started to cover our direct environment, the placement of advertising where the consumer would not expect it (Green, 2006), nobody is save from being exposed to advertising anymore (White, 2007).

Although ambient media is often the centre of attention when it comes to the latest advertising trends, the average consumer mostly does not approve this form of advertising and often rates it as an intrusion of the private sphere (Krautsack & Aust, 2006). So where is the line? What are the boundaries for 21st century advertising? What is acceptable and what crosses the line?

As the issue of intrusion of private sphere has not yet been explored in detail the author’s discussion and conclusion is based on secondary as well as primary research, which has been conducted by interviewing the advertising agency responsible for the campaign as well as D. K., the co-founder of Magic Moments, an advertising agency primarily focused on ambient and guerrilla.

3. Case Study

To demonstrate the issue of intrusion of private sphere in a better perspective the author relates to a recent ambient campaign by the agency Matt von Jung in Hamburg, Germany. Matt von Jung took on the account with the client 13th Street, a Thriller and Horror Channel on German TV. The literature was reviewed in regard to the campaign and the discussion will be based on this example. The campaign is called “Blood Bath” and shows a terrifying crime scene covered in blood.

Figure 1: Blood Bath

illustration not visible in this excerpt

In toilets of a nightclub in Hamburg the lights go off shortly after entering and via black light one can see the traces of a fight. “See what others don’t see” is written on the mirror (Ads of the World, 2008).

3.1. Creative Brief

The brief for the agency demanded a development for an image campaign, which establishes 13th street as a cult brand. The execution had to be dangerous, subtle, unpredictable & with dark humour. According to the brief the target audience is brand-conscious and an over-average consumerist. In addition to that they are enthusiastic, quality-conscious, curious and established opinion leaders (Jung von Matt, 2008).


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Ambient advertising - an intrusion of consumers private sphere?
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