Building Information Modelling(BIM). A review of new technology in Construction Industry

Essay, 2022

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Description of Technology

a) Where and when the technology was developed.
b) Rationale of the technology development.
c) Name and profile of the inventor

Global advancements of the technology

Technological Contribution to the Global Environment
a) Social aspect
b) Economic aspect



The construction industry is significant in the economic development of every country which plays a vital role in the delivery of services needed in the country such as in transportation, manufacturing, building services, water utilities, wastewater, etc. It is one of the biggest industries worldwide and one of the largest employment generators in the world which is broadly divided into the construction of vertical and horizontal structures, and special civil engineering construction.

Construction industry is just like some other manufacturing industry and telecommunication industry which rely also on the trend of rapid growth of technology being used in the industry. It also uses some famous characteristics which are found successful in some exponential organization. The construction industry is engaging the concept of social technologies, experimentation, crowd sourcing, etc. If the software used by smartphone is being regularly updated, the tools and software used to aid the construction services are also being updated just like the AutoCAD from version 2000 and in its latest AutoCAD version 2021, and now with more rapid changes from 2nd dimension up to 5th dimension provided by BIM or Building Information Modelling.

The management of construction projects has also evolved from being traditional into modern method. In the procurement type of construction, traditional method has evolved into more of a collaborative and modern method of Design and Build Construction and now with the Private Finance Initiatives of Public and Private Partnerships (PPP). Information Technology has been integrated in the construction just like the usage of gadgets in monitoring of construction, GPS in transportation engineering, algorithms in Structural Engineering, e-bidding, virtual reality, software interoperability and compatibility, etc.

Building Information Models (BIM) was found to be a helpful tool to be used in construction activities with the ability to store all information in just one digital model and allows collaboration among different professionals involved in a project (Sampaio, 2017). This tool allows collaboration of the different disciplines involved in a construction project to collaboratively working on different activities such as that of architectural works, structural works, mechanical works, electrical works, and sanitary or plumbing works. This tool answers the difficulty of some inexperienced clients who faced the difficulty in figuring out the desired 3D drawing of the project. It also allows project managers and owners to determine the corresponding accomplishment in each number of days with actual cost spent on the project.

The methods of Building Information Modeling (BIM) shows representation of the building with virtual reality of a model with concepts that focuses on all knowledge generated through the progress of the project. Structural design comprises a set of tasks, which include the creation model, load analyses and determination, and generation of all drawings and technical specifications. In all stages, it is claimed to have the high level of support to the interoperability of the BIM systems or software with different programs which is needed in the transfer and storage of data (Sampaio et al, 2021).

Description of Technology

Building Information Modelling (BIM) involves process of generating, storing, managing, exchanging, and sharing building information with interoperability with other software for purpose of collaboration. BIM shows the process of development and use of model with computer aid to simulate the stages of construction from pre-construction, construction and post construction stage.


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Building Information Modelling(BIM). A review of new technology in Construction Industry
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