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I am a registered civil engineer having passed the Civil Engineers Licensure Examination of the Philippine Regulation Commission with a general average of 89.15% and got the 15th place of more than 5000 examinees. I have been working for 19 years in various fields of civil engineering.

My recent experience in the field of civil engineering industry was in Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. as Structural Engineer for the construction of Dry dock and Ship Repair yard in Duqm, Sultanate of Oman. In the context of personal engineering contributions as a structural engineer, I have performed analysis and selection of resources in developing design solution using governing engineering specifications. I am equipped with various engineering software in designing structures such as Structural Analysis Program (SAP v.11), Structural Analysis Aided Design (STAAD) and AutoCAD2010. I also used to review structural analysis using manual calculations and some design spreadsheets.

Moreover, I also have varied experience in engineering education as Instructor and department head which took the pioneering batch I handled a 100% board exam passing rate. As an instructor, I provide significant contribution to the science and engineering practice through quality education in the field of civil engineering profession. My last employment was in Mizan Tepi University, Ethiopia, as a lecturer in structural engineering and construction management subjects.

In addition, I also had relevant experiences in various positions in the civil engineering industry such as quality control engineer, quantity surveyor, survey engineer, project engineer and structural engineer. I develop and evaluate design solution using engineering specifications, develop periodic test schedules to monitor performance and enable the contractor to take any corrective action as per approved plan and specifications. Likewise, I also prepare a quantification of program of works in ensuring the outcomes are achieved to the required specification of the contract.

At the moment, I am a lecturer in civil engineering programme in Bahrain Training Institute, Kingdom of Bahrain and an affiliated tutor for the Approved Learning Partner (ALP) Programme of the Heriot Watt University, UK, for the master’s degree in Construction Project Management and master’s degree in Quantity Surveying. I am also a part time Assistant Professorial Lecturer 4 in Far Eastern University, Institute of Technology.

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I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Samar State University, Philippines and currently taking a Master of Science in Civil Engineering (HWU, UK), a teacher (H) at the Civil Engineering Division of Bahrain Training.


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