Slaves & agency

Essay, 2010

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Slaves & agency

Agency given to the slaves in their own way was hidden. Their oppressors dehumanized the slaves & made them think they where useless, some slaves used this to an advantage to use as inspiration to leave. Agency found in small places were hidden and only shown when the masters weren’t around was a small factor for freedom with the slaves. But it wasn’t given to them all the time. The slaves were whipped, dehumanized, & treated like animals. Examples of agency & no agency found in their religion living arrangements and their masters are expressed in this essay.

First, examples of agency in religion can be found in the packet with the articles such as the painting entitled “Lynch Burg Negro Dance”, its both agency and no agency because the slaves got to dance & stress their religion on this while they could only do it while not in the presence of their masters. Also in the article with Sarah Fitzpatrick, she was forced to go to a white church by her master and when she was there and stole from it. Then would go to an all black church and still from there to. This is agency because she had the liberty to steal after being forced to go to that church. In the story “Brer Rabbit Outsmarts Brer Fox”, it stresses the importance of watching who you mess with because you never know what they know. Also it shows how they talked with broken English. This ties back to religion because the slaves told this story to their children.. Passing it down many generations, like a family story but with all of the slaves. Another example would be the slave song they called “It The Ship of Zion” , meaning the ship to the promised land. Singing was their way of communicating and with this song they were singing about freedom. When they were singing about the ships they were talking about the ones that will take them home or to the promised land.


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Slaves & agency
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