Pre Employement Background Checks for HR A Much Better Choice Then Social Profiling

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Pre Employment Background Checks for HR - A Much Better Choice Then Social Profiling!

After the great economic depression of 1929 and the stagflation of 1970’s economic/oil embargo, the United States of America has suffered from a third economic halt in the end of year 2007. The world's greatest economic power was most likely to bear the brunt of a steep decline in commerce and industry followed by scarcity in employment, inflation, security risks etc. Stock markets crumbled, banks dissolved, millions of people lost their jobs, and everyone was stunned by the situation.

Highly effected industry was obviously an employment sector, which was already bearing security lapse concerns after 9/11 dilemma. Recession created the worst scenario for the companies as they have started firing employees instead of hiring.

Many firms locked their doors for job candidates and bonded their hiring systems with extraordinary pre employment background checks to curb all the chances of financial as well as security risks.

Following 9/11 and a rash of corporate scandals at companies such as Enron, Tyco and WorldCom, background checks have become standard procedure for many companies to prevent a variety of problems ranging from embezzlement and theft of merchandize to workplace violence. Moreover, state courts have ruled that companies can be held liable for negligent hiring if they fail to do adequate background checks.

Being part of the background screening company, I have seen changing trends in vetting processes and pre employment background checks. H.R departments are using different systems to scan their employee before hiring, they usually perform social or cyber profiling of a prospective candidate to lower the cost but since the crises has risen up, cyber profiling is not considered as a good contributor in-spite of proper pre employment back ground checks.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and many other services which allows people to communicate with others, while recording information a potential employer can use to assess character, cultural fit and other attitudes and characteristics What can be judged from cyber/ social profiling pre employment background checks?

1. The candidate involved in off-work activities which might cause embarrassment for the organization.
2. The candidate’s views on one or more topics indicate he or she would not be a good “cultural” fit for the organization.
3. The candidate’s participation in activist or political action groups might pose a threat because the business is involved in activities which conflict with the agendas of those groups.

Drawbacks of Cyber Vetting or Social Profiling:

- Cyber profiling or social media interaction employment background checks are limited to the online guise of a person.
- Education verification is merely impossible as we cannot be able to assess the original documents like degrees, diplomas, certifications and licenses.
- Past employment dates can be seen on their social profiles but we cannot assess about the employees performance records at their past employee. Employers cannot be able to do a reference check of an employment candidate.
- More significantly, an employer can never be able to judge a job candidate for his criminal past; ie. Criminal background checks are merely impossible through cyber vetting.
- Financial or credit checks cannot be performed on an employee as a precaution to a financial loss risk.


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Pre Employement Background Checks for HR A Much Better Choice Then Social Profiling
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