Report to Coca-Cola Marketing Director

Essay, 2011

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1. Introduction

2. Importance of Ethics and CSR

3. Ethical position and the marketing activity of Coca-Cola

4. Conclusion

5. Recommendation

6. References

1. Introduction

Coca-Cola is a leading company that provides consumers all over the world with non-alcoholic beverages. The consumption of its products and the great variety of brands are widely known. However, the company currently faces some serious charges, labour rights for instance, which affect its reputation and go against the good image that the organisation has carried for many decades.

This report aims to show the Coca-Cola Marketing Director the importance of demonstrating to its consumers the direct connection between ethics and marketing.

It is common in the business environment of a company to raise some problems related to ethics, i.e. professional conducts and moral principles. However, this discussion has to be clear anticipated, and the company needs to act accordingly. The range of business ethical situations reflects not only the trade that the company is in but also internally in the individual involved at the daily activities of Coca-Cola.

2. Importance of Ethics and CSR

According to Clegg et al (2008), there is an idea that “good ethics is good business”, where being ethical only involves following the laws. On the other hand, some say that the constant pursuit of profit goes opposite to the ethical behaviour of a firm. That means financial profit and moral principles will not be aligned, either one or the other has to be followed.

It could be said that over the last few years, after some incidents regarding ethics in other major companies like Nike and Enron, the debate over ethics has become more popular and evident. In addition, stakeholders groups like customers, suppliers, governments and communities have been showing a mounting interest in the companies’ attitudes instead of only in its financial success.

Other important tendency between corporations and the public is called CSR (corporate social responsibility) that stands for the goal of exceeding the legal requirements of a firm. It can involve many aspects both locally and globally, regarding the environment, social, economic, legal and ethical impacts of the company’s way of operating the business (Clegg et al, 2008).

Vogel (2005) argues that the primary responsibility of a company is to generate wealth to shareholders. However, the company must also act ethically through CSR in order to succeed financially. It is not only a matter of being fashionable and regarded as correct. Many audits and standard procedures, like ISO 14000 for instance, have been developed to guarantee that the companies follow their obligations.


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