Soziale Kommunikation, Quantenkommunikation und eschatologische Kommunikation

Wissenschaftlicher Aufsatz, 2013

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1. The Language of the Universe:
Towards the Quantum Communication Level of Communication

2. Die Enthüllung des Sprache Gottes:
Von der Soziologie zur Eschatologie der Kommunikation und Beziehung
Die sozialpsychologische Ebene der Kommunikation
Die eschatologische Ebene der Kommunikation

1 The Language of the Universe

Towards The Quantum Communication Level of Communication

Since times immemorial cultures and civilizations have been trying to unravel the mystery of creation and of the universe. Man’s ability to ask questions, to interconnect answers and to recognize cause-effect relationships prompted him to penetrate ever more deeply into the mystery of creation.

Most cultures and civilizations pushed their questioning to the point of asking what interconnected the whole of the universe, the visible and the invisible alike. Answers to those last questions about what sustained the universe and man were offered in the form of consciousness in South-Asia, in the form of Chi or Ki in East Asia, in the form of personal Gods and deified entities in other parts of the world. All of them seem to contain some of what we assume to be the truth to this very day. Ancient Greece, the Cradle of Western civilization came up with the term ether as the fifth quintessential element that, as prana or Chi/Ki (Chinese/Japanese) connected the entire field of the world. And these beliefs are being adhered to by many cultures to this very day. Even quantum physics with its refinement as quantum field theory could not go beyond an electromagnetic interconnected field that seems to hold together the tangible universe. In its representatives’ views electromagnetic waves constituted the interconnected field that supported the whole. This assumption was extended, as the dominant science paradigm of the era, from the microcosm of subatomic particles also readable as waves since Bohr’s wave-particle theory of the early 20th century to the macrocosm including the universe of man, who seems to occupy a position of the middle on the continuum from infinity to infinity. The latter was assumed to be the case by the French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal. As a creature of the middle this position suggested interdependence in relationship to the periphery that entailed that middle. Although, the term interconnected field emerged only later in particular in connection with the quantum paradigm.

Chi or Ki, Prana or Ether, Consciousness readable as energy and energy as the universe, and since the advent of modern western science, electromagnetic waves, suchlike were about the answers to the inquiry into the nature of the ultimate quid or substance that underpinned and substantiated the whole with its diversity of manifestations of the material and immaterial kind.

Interestingly all of them can be provided some evidence for by those cultures and civilization that came up with the respective answers to the eschatological question they all have posed. Inner and outer techniques and technologies which are intuitive-awareness based and those which we call science today have led to the answers which can also be validated by culture-dependent internal or external evidence of a more inner or outer science. Yet with the awareness of integrated fields the diverse approaches to the answer of the eschatological question of the nature of the universe and man, the diversity of approaches appear as complementary optics of the truth at the center from the periphery of the circle or field.

Life, matter, consciousness, information, energy, waves or smallest building blocks seem to be different codifications of the one thing which cannot be understood beyond its diverse expressions of that enigmatic, cryptic quid beyond human understanding and perceptual capability referred to be those various manifestations of it. Seemingly that is the prime human value to which all other values, material and immaterial ones, are reducible, because much of the human turmoil is about a more of those expressions of the unnamable quid. As it seems to be the underlying apple of discord to human intercultural and interpersonal struggles, the mediation of those struggles may be favourably addressed at that more fundamental level of its diverse expressions. By getting closer to the identification of their deeper rooted cause they may be understood more deeply and solved more easily.

As one travels from the periphery of phenomena to their cause and center one finds a common language of the diversity of expressions of the center with its unified language. And, as at the hub of a wheel, one may find that upon converging on the center from diverse positions of the fast moving periphery of human turmoil that there is, all of a sudden, complete immobility at that hub of depth of insight in spite of the conflicts that may be raging more towards the periphery. Diversity has suddenly merged into a source, its source at a certain level of depth. And the awareness of one cause of the source of conflicts can pacify them to a certain extent. So, the understanding of the root cause beyond the diversity of appearances at the periphery helps resolving conflicts. Analysis, intuition, empathy are the roadmap of this path of conflict resolution. The very awareness of the actual root cause of things seems to transform them as in the dictum “seeing is doing”. This awareness of what something really is seems to be illuminating and liberating. The processes of consciousness seem be connected to transformatory energy processes that have a psycho-physiological impact. Such is the chain of processes seemingly involved.


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Soziale Kommunikation, Quantenkommunikation und eschatologische Kommunikation
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