The Apple Organization: Unethical Behaviors

Term Paper (Advanced seminar), 2012

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The Apple Organization: Unethical Behaviors.

Apple Company is one of the world’s most renowned companies for its quality products such as the electronics which include the computers and the iPhones. The company is also renowned worldwide for its innovations associated with the innovations linked to their products. Additionally, this company’s reputable status is associated with its ability to have provided thousands of people with job opportunities hence, a source of living to these individuals. Therefore, for this company to operate successfully in the highly competitive global market, it must produce their products in line with the consideration of the ethical principles so as to safeguard the security of the populations and the environment at large (Svara, 2007).

Apple organization like any other business organization is required by the law to function according to the stipulated ethics so as to respond effectively to both internal and external triggers of change. These ethics are important in an organization since it expresses the values an organization has to its workers and to the general public. The elements which have contributed to this organizations excellent performance in the competitive market include respect for the clients, honesty and trust among other ethics. These ethics have contributed to Apple’s organization overall performance through influencing its employees ways of thinking, building trust within the organization and their customers and developing goal oriented culture in the organization hence, its excellent performance in the electronics market (Ferrell et al. 2008).

Upholding of the labor and human rights to promote dignity are some of the ethical principles of the Apple organization. This is achieved through treating its employees with dignity and respecting their varied needs and backgrounds to promote organization’s productivity and unity at the workplace. Other ethical codes in this organization include, antidiscrimination (basing on race, age gender or color), fair remuneration, prevention of forced labor, prevention of under-aged labor, provision of adequate working hours( 60hours per week), freedom of association within the organization among other ethics which govern the behavior of the employees in the organization (Peng, 2009).

Despite these reputations linked with the Apple organization, the organization has been associated with various unethical behaviors which have contributed negatively to the company’s provision of their products and services to their customers. The company should function in a way that is acceptable in the society and engage in organization’s activities which contribute to the overall economic stability and protection of the environment (Lusted, 2012). Therefore, this paper tries to analyze in detail the unethical behaviors which have been associated with the Apple Company, and try to identify some of the effects which are likely to contribute to these unethical behaviors. The analysis is done taking into consideration the MAN2100 which stipulates the ethical responsibilities which the organization should uphold.

One of the unethical behaviors of the Apple Company is the violation of their employees’ rights and labor laws. This is evidenced by the long working hours its employees have to perform their tasks. For instance, audits done in the company revealed that the employees were working in the company for a duration of more than 60 hours a week and some employees working in the organization for a duration of more than six days in a week. Additionally, the company is involved in the employment of children who are less than 15 years and providing false information in their records. The employees are paid less wages as compared to the duration of their working hence, violating their rights which is unethical (Zimmerli, 2006).

Additionally, the company engages in innovations which are considered unethical according to the MAN2100 regulation on organization’s responsibilities. The employees responsible for marketing these innovations are required by the organization work for long periods of time causing burn out and exhaustion to these employees. Employees have faced incidences of injuries such as motion injuries, injuries due to exposure to toxic chemical substances and the provision of unhealthy working conditions at the pretext of promoting innovations contributing to the violation of the employees’ labor rights hence, engaging in unethical behaviors (Creemer, 2009).


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The Apple Organization: Unethical Behaviors
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