Arts education and the issues of producing the image

تعميم الفنون و قضايا إنتاج الصورة

Term Paper, 2012

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Abstract or Introduction

Art education has expanded dramatically outside the traditional framework of art with the issues of image production, especially with the emergence of a new area of visual communication in the seventies of the last century. Also the producers of visual communications are famous compared to the producers of art works through production and using the image in the new media which has a great contribution in building of awareness among the members of the community. Also this study aims to publicize the importance of the image and its roles in arts education in general and particularly in schools.

Gunther Otto in 1974 was known in his methods of teaching aesthetic education. On one hand, he focused on a method of education through the image, on the other hand, the education of arts through the mass media. That means the image is an Art work, or aimed to be an Art. So that art education has evolved to carry many of the various terms of the image, Which can be in the art lessons in school as a subject for teaching. Since that time, art became a share in the school is open to everything that is visually aware or Visual sensory or tactile, may to Plastics. This includes all creative products and processes. So that Plastic Art in the School must be have a center of gravity in Learning process.


Arts education and the issues of producing the image
تعميم الفنون و قضايا إنتاج الصورة
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Masterarbeit Mowafaq Alsaggar (Author), 2012, Arts education and the issues of producing the image, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Arts education and the issues of producing the image

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