Cultures and Management Styles in Western Countries

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Cultures and Management Styles in the Selected Countries in the West

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is comprised of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland with ahistoryas a western liberal democracy and a major power.In the past few decades, people from varied backgrounds have had greater access to higher education, so the wealth distribution is changing. They can know someone’s class through their manner, accent, behaviors etc. and value people according to their classes.There is a transformation taking place in United Kingdom’s management style.

Management Style of British Companies

Recently, a transformation is taking place while British managers tend more towards generalization than specialization.(British Management Style, 2012) Therefore, it is unimportant that if the manager is the most knowledgeable person. With pure academic education is afforded much less. Instead, their emphasis is on relevant and pragmatic experience.

British managers will praise employees, although not commonly in public but subordinates expect their efforts to be recognized and rewarded. This creates a more flexible communication pattern within a company and the development of the flexible organization means that it is increasingly important to consider the training and development needs of the peripheral workforce.(Rees & Porter, 2008)

They are changing from the old-fashion top down approach to a modern one that focusing in team work.In the past, teamwork is also commonly seen even though the final decision of a company is made by managers or even people in a higher position. Nowadays, companies in the UK will tend to consultation with the staff about big decisions. Staff members have more power and influences in discussing a problem.

Regarding their internal communication, they used to be direct and reserved. British do not comfortable with high pressure and aggressive behaviors. They will not spend time in arguing about the basis of feelings, instead they are focusing on the facts. It is a good idea to send an email or letter summarizing what was decided and what the next steps since they trust more on written communication instead of verbally. Decision-making is in a slower pace comparing to other cultures.


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