The importances of culture for international security

Scientific Essay, 2011
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Henry Sarennes (Author)



Over the past few decades, political scientists have extensively pondered on the various theories that describe, suggest or reflect the nature of international security. Some are encouraging and ambitious, others firmly pessimistic, and with a few exceptions, all are often too abstract from contemporary and relevant practices and viewpoints. Such theories have too often steered away from the relevant factors needed for the establishment of international peace and security. The rise of certain doctrines, most often in the form of nationalist ideologies, have been met with the suppression of highly important elements that are used to define social groups, culture being one of them.

Even though the term 'culture' can be broadly defined, in this context it is a reference to the unavoidable social diversity among the world population in terms of social norms, practices, traditions, ideologies etc. Social theorists such as constructivists would argue that the human factor is very often disregarded when creating and implementing decisions that concern multiple social groups. The issue of uncertainty is an example of the problems posed by the clash of different cultures as well as the limited research and education (social-wise) that plagues such conflicts.


Better knowledge and understanding of the specificity of the cultures involved in conflicts is important in order to implement effective policies which would be of maximal benefit to all nations (or ethnic/cultural groups) involved. The challenges posed by the increasing uncertainty and insecurity in the world, especially by nuclear proliferation, can only be solved with increased unity and tolerance among cultures, as well as mutual recognition and toleration of such. Political leaders as well as policymakers would do their job much more effectively if they understood the norms, practices and intentions of certain social groups, underpinned by certain cultural practices.


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The importances of culture for international security
Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
International Security
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Title: The importances of culture for international security

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