Psychometrics. Quick review

Essay, 2011

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During the course, we had the opportunity to discover the psychometrics. This overview demonstrated the importance of business psychology as it helps to work more efficiently and to have a better understanding of people’s behavior. Psychometrics is used to define and to analyze human characteristics and it is often applied at a business level. We studied several methods which can be useful to improve individuals’ work performances and the atmosphere within a company. It is an important tool to compose effective teams, to detect people’s capabilities and to find efficient leaders. Thanks to these analyses, one can also be more capable to find employees who perfectly suit one’s company and one’s sector. In fact, a “psychological” selection is frequently employed in addition to interviews to reveal the real personality of an applicant.

However, psychometrics can also be useful at a personal level. Indeed, it enables someone to understand himself or herself better, what they really are inside and what their personality really is. Moreover, it can contribute to make better choices and decisions for a future life, for a career. Thanks to these tests, you can decide which work position suits you best and which team member type you are.

First, I will give my opinion regarding the individual side of psychometrics, looking at how it can be contribute to in our daily life. Then, I will study the business level psychometrics with its strengths and weaknesses.

To begin with, psychometrics is an important tool to understand who you are and what your personality really is. Thanks to this tool, you are able to define your strengths and your weaknesses. Actually, you understand what your behavior results from, according to tests which evaluate your personality or your intelligence. For instance, the Myers and Briggs Type Indicator gives you an accurate profile according to specialists. As far as I am concerned, I am of the opinion that your personality can change during your life and that you can have different answers according to the periods, events or experiences you are going through. As I suggested during the course, in the MBTI, you have to choose between two proposals and there is a question about if you prefer building or structure. I think that when you are young and growing, you will take the first answer because you are in the optic of building your future life whereas if you are older and a mother more exactly, you will probably tend to answer structure because you need strong bases in this new life. I am quite sure that your personality is changing all the time because you are learning from your experiences and errors.

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Psychometrics. Quick review
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